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What Types of Oils?


I'm heading to the store to do some grocery shopping. I already take fish oil capsules for EFA's. I want to start supplementing with bottle oils as well. Was wondering what types of oils I should pick up and how much you recommend to take daily. I appreciated any help with guiding me to the right products to use.


olive oil. 1-2 tblsp on top of salads and rice.
macadamia nut oil. 1-2tblsp in protein shakes.
coconut oil. use it for pan frying your meats. i also put a dollop in my oatmeal with some splenda and cinnamon.


I love almond and walnut oil.


Thank guy....any others suggestions?

I'm still bulking (gained almost 30lbs so far) and will be starting a small cut before summer. Looking to have all my macros in order. Saying goodbye to all the dairy and upping my veggies.


Try waiting until you've gained 60 lbs.


what does that have to do with him wanting to use oils in his cooking or to flavour his food?


Coconut oil and olive oil for cooking,

Flaxseed oil, if you can find it.


Just play around with different ones you like. I tend to lean on saturated fats and monos, so check out the pasta isle and see if there are anything with those, or anything that sounds good. I don't like most oil's taste, so I aim for olive oil and virgin coconut oil (it's tasteless, you can literally put it on anything), extra virgin coconut oil smells and tastes a little like coconut.
I've heard good things about red palm oil too.
Oh, and butter!


Thanks for the replies. Looks like I'll be picking up some olive oil, coconut oil and flax seed. I'll try for some red palm if I can find it. Mostly looking for stuff to put on food and put in shakes to even out my macros.


I already eat pleanty of almonds and walnuts(chopped)...I like to mix them together for a snack.


pumkin seed and sesame seed oils are my favorite . they both have a very nutty taste .


Me too. I through in some cranberries otherwise I couldn't handle it. Great source of fiber as well.


cranberries or crasins?