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What Types of Bands for 315 Pound Bench Press?


I want to buy some bands for elitefts. I could do 315 1 to 2 times. I was thinking of buying the 5 dollar bands and the 16 dollar ones. Any advice?


Umm...how about instead of price you say what the band actually is?

For benching, you're going to use minis, unless it's reverse band.


monster minis work well for me, i bench close to 290, you can rig them differently for the resistance you need, ive seen harris use just the orange minis with three plates and it seemed to be enough for him so its really how much you want to use


It depends on what your needs are. Why do you need bands? Poor lockout &/or speed?

I found that using light bands or even medium bands with lighter weight really helped me with speed and lockout, but my bottom end suffered (I only focused on lockout for a while following WSB). Get some minis, lights and even monster minis. Its nice to have variety.


they sell a kit with all of them in it for a little over $100. it's well worth it. i use bands for bench, squat and deadlift. i ,mostly use the minibands but also use the heavy and medium bands for reverse band work.

get all of them.. you will use them, eventually.


The monster minis.


I am using the wsfsb program so I would think being explosive would mean concentrating on speed. Would the monster minis work for squat too?




Definitely get the minis. But at $5 and $16 a piece, the micros and monsters are great too. i know sometimes i use multiples. lets say for instance, im doing speed work with the minis but if i feel like the speed is good and i only a have afew sets left and dont wanna throw more weight on i just throw the micros on top of the minis. I also like using the monsters for deadlift work. i use mostly the monsters and lights for deadlift work. so moral of the story, get them all. being able to vary everything isnt the end all of strength bulding but it doesnt hurt either.


Having a couple minis may be right for starters. We run these under the crossbeam under the bench. I think they add 20-30 lbs a piece.


Or the minis.


Double the minis up for BP and they are perfect