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What Type of Training Do You Do?


What you do?

Im interested to hear why you do the type of training you do and what it offers over other types of training in your opinion, what self fulfilment do you get? how does it prepeare you for everyday situations(e.g confrontation)?. How you feel it has developed your character? things alng those lines would love to hear off the guys on here.

These stories are great to hear and also may persuade a person to try a different type of training.



Well, first thing in the morning I pick one of my many offspring out of the basement and sacrifice one due to the fact I have to keep my badass certification for my job and intimidate the enemy. Afterwards, I prepare my breakfast meal consisting of either Honey Bunches of Nebula Clusters or Kellogg's Frosted Miniguns mixed in with 2% liquid hot magma from deep beneath the Earth's crust. Then my training begans, I usually will spar with Ares, the god of war, for about 30 minutes which is when he tires. Then I grab a sandwhich made from hostile bulls raised on a diet of combat and hatred with Tabasco, washing it down with some pure chaos. Then, I do my full body routine by placing the entire solar system in my laundry bag and doing sprints across the universe... I mean, that is really all I can do in the morning before work, I wish I had more time...