What Type of Test is Base Powder for?

I found a source that sells test base powder. They sell prop, and eth powder but I was interested in home brewing test suspension. Is the base used for suspension?


Do you know that it isn’t as simple as brewing an estered product?

From what I understand, the best idea is to use test base in oil “TNE” Test No Ester, as there are huge sterility concerns in H2O based products, as well as concerns with micronization. Please correct me if I’m wrong here.

-Brook I did not know that. Making prop looks like it will take some work, let alone more work for sust.
-Is the TNE the same potency as susp?

Does anyone have a recipe for susp?

If you can get enth powder why in the world would you want to make personal use sustanon? The only reason for a multiple ester personal use homebrew I can think of is for achieving a higher concentration of hormone in solution. “Sus” is not a high concentration of test by any means. Just brew 250mg/ml enth.

Is this the process for making suspension?

Wait - are we talking about Sust(anon) or Susp(ension)?

I thought Susp; If yopu simply slam in some TNE into oil, heat and add BB then you will not have a product that will stay stable, and it will keep crashing every few days or more.
I am not aware of ‘huge sterility issues in water’ at all… i may just have not heard the same things however…

Suspensions (both Test and Winstrol) are more difficult that regular oil based preps IME, but aren’t difficult per se.

Here are a couple of decent recipes (as for micronising, the best option other than buying micronised powder - which i for one cannot get - is using a pestle and mortar):

Test Susp Recipe 1:

  1. Add 10% Benzyl Benzoate and .25% PS80 (that is 10% of total volume) **i.e. if you are making 100mls of Test suspension then add 10ml of Benzyl Benzoate and .25ml of PS80.
  2. Using a digital scale weigh out the proper amount of Test Base BP98 powder. (I usually make mine at 50mg/ml.) Example: for 50mg/ml use this formula, (total mls X .050) or (100mls X .050 = 5 Grams of Test Powder)
  3. Add the Test powder to the Benzyl Benzoate and let soak for about 5 minutes, stirring gently with the egg whisk.
  4. After the powder is totally saturated and there are no visible clumps, it is time to add your bacteriostatic water using the following formula: BB + (Powder X .75) +/- + Total volume = Water needed. **i.e. 10ml BB +(5Grams X .75) = 13.75 +/- +100mls = 86.25 mls of bacteriostatic water needed.
  5. Now when you add your bacteriostatic water the BB/TNE mix will clump up at the bottom of the mixing cup, this is normal.
  6. Put your mixing cup in a saucepan on your oven and turn burner to medium heat.
  7. Slowly swirl your mixture as it heats, this will cause the clumps of BB/TNE mixture to disperse out into the water.
  8. When no more clumps are visible the suspension is complete (it should be steaming slightly by now).
  9. Remove from heat, draw into a large plunger and fill your vials. (Swirl your mixture with the whisk as you do this.)
  10. Now add stoppers, seals, crimp and label. Whalah! Youâ??re done!!

Test Susp Recipe 2:

TNE (Test No Ester) or Test suspention:

20 ml TNE @ 50 mg/ml

1 gram Test Base powder
2 ml benzyl benzoate ( 10%)
0.2 ml benzyl alcohol (1%)
0.6 ml polysorbate80 (3%)
14.8 ml destilled water

Heat the powder -PEG-ba-ps80 until it melts and forms a clear substance …then filter it as warm as possible I do it on 45 degrees C into a clean vial with distilled water where it wil titrate (return from its fluid form into the solid form).

Some prefer to add the benzyl alcohol to the water. (*which would just make Bacteriostatic water - Brook)

There is a chance that the hot test-peg- ps80 clumps in the filter thats why some people filter through a 45 micron filter instead of 22 micron filter.


^^listen to that guy

That is just what i would do - i prefer to have a properly produced product than a ‘bodge job’.

The oil versions do work but AFAIK they often need to be reheated before each use, rather than shook.