What Type of Swiss/Football Bar to Use?

It has been recommended to me to use a swiss/football bar to take stress off my shoulders (and reduce pain).

i have seen two types of bar.

one has straight grips and the other has angled grips.

looking to use the bar to reduce shoulder discomfort when benching.

what type is better for this?

for those that have used these bars, how much relief do they offer?


I have the straight handles ,it helps but is not perfect. It helps more on a floor press than a true bench. Neutral grip DB BP is also a option.

I have a angled thick bar and like it. I got it after a pec tear. As far as shoulder stress, the 45 degree elbow position is automatic. I’m not crazy about all the handles being thick, though. I will probably buy an Elitefts American Press Bar sooner or later.

I had an impingement in my right shoulder for about 18 months and it was agony - felt like I had broken glass in there but I kept pressing.

After trying to press Dumbbells with a neutral grip and feeling a lot of relief, I bought a cheap Swiss/football bar with the straight handles (£99 - rated to 200kg) and it has been fantastic - the pain is all gone no matter how heavy I press, and the only soreness I get is doms.

I like the look of the angled handles on more expensive ones (Rogue etc) but that’s further don the line.

Check out blackwidowtg.com

I have the multi press bar and really like it. I use it for all my pressing now.

I have bought both and prefer the football with the wider fat grips at an angle.
Most people who have used both at my gym prefer the football bar and say it feels alot nicer on shoulder joint and wrists.
Just a recommendation.
I found a football on eBay for £60 slightly used but both are good quality and durable.