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What Type of Pasta Is Best?


Anyone have any idea which is better? regular pasta, whole wheat pasta, egg noodels, or gnocchi? or does someone know of any other type.


I'm guessing the higher fiber content of whole wheat would make it the better choice.


Farfalle then fusilli


Gnocchi is potato brah.


Multi-grain or the low-glycemic pasta from Barilla.


Question: What type of bear is best?


That's a ridiculous question.

False. Black bear


Bears. Beets. Battlestar Gallactica.


hahahahaha, well played gentlemen!


Fusilli Jerry


i'll make sure to inform all of my relatives in italy. gnocchi can be made from quite a few things... flour being one of them.


Cooked pasta is best. Raw is too crunchy.


Italy? lulz. Come to brooklyn if you want italian food.


quinoa noodles


Flying Spaghetti Monster Pasta is the best


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I agree with Brick. When I ate pasta it was always Barilla Plus in the yellow package. Good amount of fiber, protein, and omega 3 for pasta.

ritzgooch23, where do you get the quinoa noodles? That sounds awesome.


um, best for what?


it's potato dude, maybe super old school gnocchi was made with flour


Trader Joe's. Not sure if you have them in your area.