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What Type of Elbow Sleeves Do You Use?


I currently have TK elbow bands but don't really like the way they fit my arms (the knee ones work great though). Was just curious what other types of elbow bands people here use. Is a single ply sleeve too much? I've tried double ply before and them babies are way too thick.


I use McDavid's as it gets a bit colder. I dont really have an injuries though. These just allow me to warm up a bit faster. They have a neoprene wrap inside the elastic, or so the label says



Good stuff.

They don't stretch for shit though. If you are growing, you will grow out of teh pair rather than them stretch with you.


I just got a pair of those the other day and you're right they're tight as hell. I ordered the XXL for my little arms and it's a fight getting them up. They do a good job keeping my elbows warm and stable. FWIW I have reocurring tendonitis.


I got these too (actually due to Countingbeans mentioning them in another thread, so thanks), and I like them a lot, but I agree that that sizing chart is way off, get at LEAST a size bigger than it says.




Anyone tried either of these? Are these more for powerlifting? I'm not entirely familiar with sleeves and such.


Nice, I'm gonna tell Dave I want my commission, lol.

But yeah sizing is fubar. But I will say stick with the XXL's as long as possible, the jump to XXXL is a large one.


I have XL's :stuck_out_tongue: but it says 200-230 for XL's, I'm around 190 and they're definitely bordering on too tight.


Anybody have experience with or know anything about the two I mentioned above?


rehbrands as they can be washed! My TK ones used to make my eyes water...


Do you want sleeves to keep your elbows warm or for support? For warmth, I prefer cut off ski socks over the neoprene sleeves I have.


You can wash them per hand... Just lukewarm water and occasionally mild soap... I wash mine after every use, normally.

Hell, it even says so on the instructions that come with the sleeves :wink:


Mine are funk city, and I don't really mind.

They make me break out if I wash them, or if I don't... fuck it.

I'm a sick, sick bastard


I so didn't need to know that.


you know you love it.



Well both actually. I don't need a lot of support though. I have TK elbow sleeves but I don't really care for them. They don't fit right from top to bottom (although I love TK knee sleeves).

Would these Rehband ones be good to try? Or the single ply type? Or perhaps the small size TK's would fit better.


Rehband are ok...

I would stay away from powerlifting sleeves, those are designed to give you an edge in competition and are extremely stiff, tight (in the right size) and uncomfortable. Plus if they allow you to use more weight, it just ends up bothering your unprotected joints like the wrists or shoulders imo instead of your elbows.

Imo useless for regular training, that'd be like wearing a bench shirt for benching as a bodybuilder...

I use the TK knee sleeves for arms still...


Perhaps I will just order the smalls then. The mediums are just a tad too big to be all that helpful.


Wrong answer, wrong mindset.

"I shall get significantly bigger arms in order to make my knee-sleeves fit tightly over them, then." would have been to the correct thing to say.



Lol I know I know that is my mindset. BUT, until that time comes I need sleeves to get me through.