What Type Of Deadlift Is This?

What do you call a regular barbell deadlift that begin in the upright position (in other words: A Romanian deadlift from the start, but then performed like a regular deadlift)?

For some reason I benefit from this deadlift variation, emphasizing the negatives.

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Partially. The lift starts like this. Then from the top position you perform regular deadlifts - top down and back up again, for one rep.

Dorian Deadlifts.


Top down deadlift

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at least in this video he didn’t start from the top. but I bet your right after reading the description


Thanks! Considering Dorian was a thinking man’s bodybuilder - do you know his outline behind this deadlift version?

He probably thought something like “RDLs are God-like for hypertrophy, and a lot of the strength in doing them comes from the constant tension and the slow eccentric. If I do it like this I can lift more weight and get a lot of the same benefits”.

He was probably doing it for back thickness more than anything. This is of course speculation as I’m not a “bodybuilding guy”. He probably had other exercises in his program for training the hammies in the full range of motion.

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