What TRULY Got Your Libido Back?

One thing I’ve learned through all of this is that you can restore your T levels all you like. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have a great libido. I mean a consistently high libido. You’re able to go a couple/few times per day. And the next morning you’re ready for more.

This seems to be the elusive element of all this. I’ve heard guys say that once they got their T levels above 650+ they saw the libido improvements. Others say adding HCG did the trick.

What was the thing that really got you back to a consistently high libido that rivals the 18 year old “you”? The one where you’re driving around town gawking at women, and just feeling that constant sexual stimulation.

Or is this a pipe dream with HRT?

I find this works.

I see libido as a measure of health and vitality. Everything else being the same, there are variations in ones sex drive.

Good T and E2 are very important.
DHT is critical, but comes with the T.
Overall health and vitality need to be good.
Thyroid problems have many of the same symptoms as low T.
Adrenals and cortisol need to be good.
Other illnesses or conditions do have impact.

TRT can lead to high libido and that can easily have a honeymoon phase. So enjoy it while you can.

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Davinci.v2 here using this very old login while my old one is retrieved. For me it was an optimization of T and E2, stress reduction, getting more sleep and focusing on health. Shortly after getting on TRT I also gave up all processed food and junk food and dropped from 230 down to a lean 208 today. I only eat oats, potatoes and rice for carb sources and only eat foods I’ve to prepared myself. I also never watch any porn and rarely masturbate to keep my dopamine sensitivity high.

I actually find this approach very interesting, as it is the receptor burnout that can play a huge role. Dopamine and Serotonin are found 90%+ in our intestines too. So I believe intestinal disorders and microbiome issues can play a role that we have yet to define.

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