What Truck to Buy

Im looking to spend no more then 21k, Looking for a used truck. I just bought a house so I will at first need to tow sand, pavers, drywall, etc… all that home repair stuff, but after that not much heavy items besides appliances. I live in WI where get get 70inches of snow and I need to get to work in mid snow fall (i remove snow). Was wondering what everyone could recommend I could and should get. Thanks

Some people get offended when you refer to a pickup as a truck. Depends on where you live I guess.

If you can get by with a 1/2 ton then Toyota has the best reliability; for a 3/4 - 1 ton, Ford is a nose ahead of GM with Dodge trailing in reliability.

F-150 is the best one around in my opinion. Reliable, strong, and decently quick. I have an '86 that just won’t quit. I know I’ve had almost a ton in the bed, and it didn’t seem to be a problem.
As far as snow goes, some thing with AWD is a lot better in ice and shit than 4WD.

I would go with an F150.

I drive a Camry, but the Tundras aren’t talked about to highly on the Toyota forums I frequent.

Id go import. Toyota tundra or my pick the nissan titan. Goodluck.

Just get a Silverado or Sierra man. Can’t go wrong.

[quote]ProfessorCHAOS96 wrote:
Just get a Silverado or Sierra man. Can’t go wrong.[/quote]

X2 I love my Sierra.

Really just personal preference though the Big3 all make good trucks, with Dodge coming in a bit behind in reliability.

I really can’t comment on the Toyota’s or Nissan’s as I’ve never owned one, but I don’t believe they have any better reliability. I have a co-worker that has a Ford ranger with 350K on it and has spent under a grand in repairs. This is in Michigan, which has some of the crappiest roads in the nation.

[quote]ProfessorCHAOS96 wrote:
Just get a Silverado or Sierra man. Can’t go wrong.[/quote]

Probably the worst choice. I grew up a Chevy guy, but their new stuff isn’t any good.

I work in the mobile security/audio installation industry. Taking those trucks apart, I’ve realized how cheaply they are built.

They have also switched everything to a CanBUS type system. There is no 12v ignition wire in the whole] truck. If anything goes wrong with the computer or wiring, be ready to pay thousands in repairs.

Want to swap the radio? Be ready to spend $250 on an adapter; an adapter that doesn’t even work that well.

I am very happy with my 07 Tundra. The 5.7/6 speed is a great power train. It has been a very reliable and stable tow vehicle.

It sounds like you have justified a 4WD. That will be more expensive in maintenance, repairs, and auto insurance FYI.

There are no trucks you can rule out with your own tastes in aesthetics? Personally, the new F-150 looks like shit to me. Silverado and Sierra are the best aesthetically, to me.

How old do you want to go? You likely won’t be able to get a loan on anything over 3 years old. I know my credit union wouldn’t…

I was in the market at the beginning of the year. My requirements were 2WD, only new body styles, full size, good warranty, and under 18,400 out the door (I had done a lot of math… this number was perfect)

Test drove all makes and models and ruled out the Dodge immediately. Ruled out the ugly F-150 next. GMC’s and Chevys… about the only thing I could afford was regular cab V6 in the new body style. Regular cab V8s were impossible to find. Couldn’t afford a new body style Tundra, but there sat an '08 Titan with 12k miles and extended cab. For an extra $1000 I got the 100k mile warranty, bumper to bumper. $19.4 total price out the door. V8, low miles, year old, lots of warranty.

I LOVE my 2005 Toyota Tacoma.

Great truck; I bought it used with 56k on it and it drove like the Tacoma I test drove at the dealership with 20k on it.

It now has 72k on it with…you guessed it, no problems.

You got to go out and drive some. Preferences vary for each person.