What TRT has Done for Me

I am 34 years old. I have been diagnosed with everything from bipolar to major depression ever since I was 19 years old. I remember waking up when I was 19 and it felt like one of testes was destroyed and I had no idea what to do. I declined pretty rapidly afterward. I had to quit college and loss interest in sex. Before this I wanted to nail every girl from 17 to 99 years of age… I mean it was sick. After my testicular damage I was like more than a timid dog without the urge to bit.

Anyway. I recovered from testicular damage somewhat in the passing years but it was never the same and I was never quite the same mentally. My thoughts were slower, my concentration sucked, I was basically depressed. I eventually got into bodybuilding because of my dad whom was a marine awhile back. He put the boot to ass and I started training. I noticed as I trained that I felt better and one of the trainer there asked me if I had my testosterone checked. I told him about the previous problems and I was in the low 100’s in testosterone. I eventually started trt and now 6 weeks later feel awesome. like I did before I was 19 with added intelligence of full grown man.

My confidence is up and so is my wood. My wife is wondering if I am cheating on her because I fuck the hell out of her everynight and continue to want more. My mind is sharp as ever. I feel like I am getting better everyday and I feel of optimism. Trt has saved my sanity.

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Good story. How was your one testicle “destroyed”?

Why would you ask for details? Lol

lol! I mean look at this statement: " I remember waking up when I was 19 and it felt like one of testes was destroyed and I had no idea what to do.’

It sounds like he literally just woke up with a broken ball out of nowhere. On the other hand, when I was 5, a girl kicked me so hard in my left testicle that she did indeed damage its function.

That is a great example of what proper hormone levels do for us. I was shocked that I started thinking clearer. I did not even know I was a bit fogged until the fog lifted. My wife is thrilled that she no longer needs to talk me into sex it is my idea again. As matter of fact she is worried that she is not enough for me anymore. I love that woman, happy she put up with my dropped libido because hers was just fine. It has only been bout 14 weeks and I am so much stronger and better built. The fat is melting off and muscles are growing back fast. I have a long way to go but going the right direction feels wonderful. Even when my E2 went up and I was crying at sad songs. I was still more alive than I had been in 10 years.

Congratulations on getting your youth back