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What Training Worked Best for You?


I am just interested to see what training method has worked the best for everyone on here. I started off training years ago with the chest/tri, back/bi, legs/abs, shoulders. Lately I have been experimenting with doggcrapp training whick is giving me much better results than my old 4day split that I used to do.
What training method/program has yielded the best results for you?


I think that anytime you switch your approach, you will yield some sorr of results (even if relatively minor). In hindsight I believe a 4 day split was where I truly made the best combination of quality and quantity gains.


While mostly compound work, I did make use of occassionally employing an isolation exercise first when training a weaker, or stubborn bodypart.



2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off has been my bread and butter for years. Usually, something like this:

M - C/B
T - Legs
W - Off
Th - Sh
Fri - Arms
Sat & Sun - Off

Sometimes, I’ve even experienced with a similar 4-day split where I get my whole body done in 3 days. Something like:

M - C/B
T - Legs
W - Sh/Arms
Th - Off
Fri - Bonus Day
Weekend - Off

Bonus Day I would go in and hit whatever I felt needed to be brought up. This worked quite well for a long time. Now I’ve been tinkering with a 5-day split, which obviously allows for shorter sessions…but I’m still not convinced it is better than a 4-day.

At the end of the day, if you challenge yourself to improve…it all works.



I have always made best gains by using a 3 day a week not always the same three days but always 3 days ans consistency is the most important thing I believe. I always use some variation of the Squat Bench Overhead and Deadlift. Back when I first started I used higher reps and a few Isolation exercise per muscle and about 4 sets of 8-12 reps.

Now I am training to compete in strongman and powerlifting and I have made my best gains just lifting heavy in the 1-5 range and cut out most the isolation exercises for the most.


I am trying to come up with my own method of training that is a combonation of 5x5 and DC training for a 4 day split. I am testing it out in the near future, I will produce some logs once i perfect it. i just need a catchy name for it like Doggcrapp or P90x or some bullshit like that…