What Training Program is Right for Me?

I’m 25 and i want to start to go to the gym.
I would like to go 3 times per week, for like an hour. I am very skinny and want to be big and aesthetic.

I’ve been reading and googling and lookibg at YouTube videos but with so many programs and so many infos i don’t know where to start

Do you have any kind of an athletic background? Sports, martial arts, athletic hobbies of any kind? If you can give us a general idea of what your current fitness level is we can do a better job of helping you get going.

Pick whichever looks most fun


do you mean big and aesthetic, or BIG and aesthetic?

I mean I care about bodybuilding, physique goals, not strength or athleticism per se @Andrewgen_Receptors

Not really, I’ve been mostly sedentary.

I’ve been in and out of the gym without any consistency for a few years with one of my friends

were i you, i’d pick any full body 3x per week program. There are plenty of articles on tn that put out a starting point. Take the time to learn about the basics of muscle building nutrition. You need to eat in a caloric surplus if you want to gain mass. Not all of it is going to be muscle as you will find out if you take it serious. Some folks can gain muscle with little fat gain but I am not one of them. I gained 40lb over the course of 8 months, and now Im cutting and realizing how much of that was fat gain.

Find a program, eat big, do it for like 12 weeks. Then see where you are at and go from there.

if you want to nerd out on the science of it. Check out eric helms Pyramid book. I forgot the exact title but just google eric helms, pyramid and you’ll find it.

There’s a pretty popular program that gets mentioned a lot around here for beginners that fits your 3 day a week frequency…



What’s best for you is whatever you’ll stick to.

Most common reasons for failure:

  • Focusing too much on the program (which program is best?) and not on consistency.
  • Being consistent, but with no focus and effort. No goals. Doing the same weights x sets x reps week after week and not progressively overloading will get you nowhere.
  • Underestimating the importance of eating.
  • Being your own worst enemy by worrying about fat gain.

Focus on progressive overload, consistency, and eating. You need to be at least 90% consistent with your training and eating or else nothing will work. Myself and many others wasted a lot of time doing the perfect program but trying to build muscle out of thin air. Muscle is made out of matter. That matter has to come from somewhere.
Also, losing fat is way easier than gaining muscle. If I have to gain 10lbs of fat to put on 5lbs of muscle, I’m taking that deal EZ PZ.


I wish I could upvote that response twice @oscare


Search on this site for programmes by Chad Waterbury. For years, he has championed full body routines 3 times a week. They are easy to follow and can be done in well under an hour.


I legit scrolled through this thread, saw this photo, and wondered if I had already replied.

SS is the answer.


‘Total Body Training’ or ‘SOB’ are a good start


I really liked his Total Body Training program the couple of times I’ve run through it. Can’t see to find SOB though. Perhaps I suck at searching. Do you happen to have a link?

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Most trainees don’t have the mental fortitude to run super squats, which is why it was completely overlooked by the OP.

Only thing I will add for SS is to be sure to learn how to properly squat first or there is risk for injury pushing the intensity that high.

It’s why I’m so big on phrasing it as “buy, read and follow the book”. Jumping into the program is a world of hurt: the book will go so far as to teach you how and why to squat.

Dan John’s “Mass Made Simple” also has a fantastic piece on it teaching the trainee how to squat. Really just an awesome book in general.


True, there is a great squat breakdown in that book. As well as on the other big exercises which is good since OP doesn’t seem to have a big background in lifting.

It’s amazing what one can learn from books as opposed to random internet posters…lol.

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