What Track & Field Events?

today was my first day in preseason track and my head coach spoke to use about the different events in track and field. he talked about how some people are’t ment for certain events and should try others. one example he gave us was his nephew who did track when he was in middle school. his nephew wanted to be a sprinter but his coach decided that he should do the 800m.another one was one of his athletes who wanted to be a sprinter but coach put him as a hurdler.

since this is my first year of track i dont really know what events im good at really. i trained before preseason and i dropped my 100m time by 2 seconds. now my 100m time is 15seconds. i know its bad but i think i can make it better. i have’t tried any other events yet.

ever since i decided i was going to do track this year i thought about becoming a sprinter. because i wanted to get faster and i wanted to get the body of a sprinter.but after today i have been thinking about the other events in track and field my coach might put me in. i cant jump very high, im not that strong, and im not really fast,and i hate running long distances.
What ever event coach puts me in i will try my best to train hard so i can become a better athlete.

i am a 6ft 1in 163lb 16 year old boy. with my physique what kind of events do you guys think i should.

this is off topic but can you guys answer this question for me: will running the 400m make me skinnier. today i spoke to this sophmore who ran the 4x400m relay back when he was in middle school and he was great at it. he did’t look that muscular as most of the sprinters i have seen. also a lot of sprinters have told me that the 400m is consideder a long distance event then a sprint.

I never competed in track and field, so I don’t have any experience in that area.

But in general, you’re a beginner, and as a beginner I think you would be best basically trying out everything. Think of it as a young kid playing a bunch of different sports, at this point you’re not going to be great at anything right off the bat, so just train and get better at a bunch of different things. As you progress you will find certain events you are better at and you can go from there.

You’re best bet would be talking with your coach or coaches. This is what they do for a living so they are going to be more knowledgeable than you or I

OP ,hope you have a good coach… some coaches are teachers who coach to make a few grand a year more, that know nothing about whatever sport they “coach”. 16, and at 6’1" and 163, you’re still growing. you’ll probably get an inch taller and put on 10 pounds by junior / senior year… if you hate long distance, that rules out the 800-1600-3200. if you’re not fast, that rules out the hurdles, 100-200. if you’re not strong , that rules out all field events… 400 is whats left…

your coach will have you train with the distance team, as you’ll be doing 800 races for strength, an have you at times train with the sprint team, as he may put you in the 4x 200, or an open 200 to work on your speed…x-country season is over or just about over, and track starts up in march… talk it over with your parents and your coach… if you are serious, he will put you on a program where you train all winter so you are ready for march… early season races…

thing is, if you hate distance running, you got a strike aainst you already. track is RUNNING to get better. all runs. short, mid, long. you dont like one style of training (distance) you are not going to reach your potential… gotta love what you do to get better…whats your little league background? whats sports did you play?

i am in winter track right now. so i will be training to get faster by march