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What Topics Do We Want to Make Available?

Now that we do not have stickies; please suggest topics that should be made easily available.

So far: - can’t find them all by myself

This is KSman’s opinion about PCT with high dose SERMs and/or hCG:

Here are some other links [I do not necessarily agree with the content]:

Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning
There has been a suggestion that the above has questionable value or technical correctness.

New addition:

We need stickies again! I see above links that are useful. But the old sticky method that included newbie cycle info and so forth would be very helpful. Perhaps a revised newbie cycle planning sticky revised by some of the more recent vets that are still around to include cyco,flip,yogi would perhaps slow down all the first cycle threads. There’s alteast 2 everyday. I guess it’s inevitable. But stickies would be nice to see again.



I didn’t see this topic when it was first created. Glad it’s been resurrected.

I think the ‘steroid newbie cycle planning’ thread should die. I don’t think it’s very good at all. Current thinking, and the advice given on this forum to most people, doesn’t necessarily agree with a lot of the things that were said in that thread. It’s outdated. I haven’t read through the other threads, but I imagine they have similar problems if they’re 5+ years old.

I added a note to that sticky re its value.