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What To Write On My Tag


got myself a new dog tag... lets custom it a little... what to engrave ?

  1. Can't Touch This
  2. Bow Down
  3. Silencer
  4. I Love This Game
  5. I Know I Can
  6. Hit Em Up

ur ideas ? im a ball player


The purpose of a dog tag is to identify (a) your dog, (b) a military service man or woman when they are incapacitated and unable to speak for themselves. They wear a set of two, one around the neck, and one in the boot in case of decapitation so the body can be identified.
I strongly feel it is in poor taste to wear dog tags as decoration, or a fashion statement. I find it disrespectful to those of us who wear them for a purpose, and overall just silly looking.
An exception of this is one wearing thier signifigant other's tag while he/she is away.
I mean no offense to you, and am not trying to throw out an insult. I am just stating my opinion.


I may be woefully behind the times, but this is a dog tag just worn as jewelry?


You're kidding me right?

I have found customized dog tags (most of the time) to be a copy cat of something else and very unoriginal.

And what kind of 'ball player' are you? I am guessing a basketball player by your cockyness.

I have some dog tags, but two were gifts, and the other two sets are my ROTC tags and one for my youth group. I don't wear any of them except when I need to.

My advice spend the 20-30 bucks you're going to spend on it and buy something like another month of gym membership.


How old are you?


Oh, come on guys, he asked for suggestions, let him have'em:

"This space for rent"


"If you can read this, you're too close."


"Don't yank my chain."

"Put litter in it's place."

"My name is: "

...and for those who can't figure it out:

"Entrance in back"




dont u like it ?


I agree.


How about "if you're close enough to read this you're close enough to let me fuck you in the ass because I'm a flaming homosexual" ?


Ditto. If you're hell bent on getting them, how about



I am become death. No one will get the reference, and you'll constantly have to explain it. It'll be great.




as do I






DUDE is a squaare metal pendant with a jordan picture on it, its a fucking chain that looks like a military tag

whats the problem with that ? disrespect ?! its like saying that Mel Siff put his whole life in training research and i'm using his info for fun... or whateva


I'm guessing your not military, there is a sense of pride that goes along with the dog tag especially the one's we wear in combat. It's nothing we could ever expect a civilian understand. But if it works for you then good luck with it.


What? I don't understand what that means.

If that's the thing your going to wear, I have to say, it looks like a hood ornament for a Douche-mobile.

It might help attract the 8th grade girls.


No, I've seen it on every dude and his momma lately. I have a pretty expensive one that doesn't have much of a purpose identification wise. But it still have a freakin' purpose. One of them is in memory of my lost friend.

And the other one was given to me for identification when I was five years old just incase I got lost and I also wanted to be G.I. Joe.

Do you want to be a G.I. Joe?