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What to write customs?

Dear fellow tmag readers I hope someone can give me a tip on this question that’s been bothering me a while.

I live in the uk and have ordered prohormones from the US several times - and had them seized a few times as well. I always just considered them lost.

However I know that other people (esp. guys who sell them on) somehow get them back from customs!

Now my big question is - What do you write to customs that will give you just a small chance of getting back your order (for pers. use)??

Regards gromek

I would not quote me on this but first off it would be your country’s customs I believe that would be seizing these packages as that is where they are coming into. If they are coming from the US into the UK…the US Customs could give a flying fuck less where the hell it is going, as it is not there job to stop these packages, it is your country’s Customs job to stop them, if they are illegal, from coming into the UK, or so you would think. So based on that ASSUMPTION it is your country’s Customs that has seized the packages and they are most likely going to keep it for themselves so they can grow big, strong, and healthy or destroy it in the local trash bin. I doubt you will ever get them back and I would not even try if they were indeed illegal.

I have a question can’t you find prohormones in Europe without going through all the hassle?

Thanks. I did mean the UK customs :slight_smile: Sorry if that wasn’t clear. However I just figured US and UK customs procedures where probably very similar.
Anyway thanks.

It IS possible to get prohormones in Europe but in the end it’s probably more of a hassle as they can only be bought ‘underground’. No companies, not even in Holland :), sell prohormones openly anymore.

Plus if you find them here, they are around 30-40 % more than the US price which makes it worth the effort and shipping costs from the US.


sad when you think about it. Is this the direction the US is heading in with trying to outlaw PH’s? You mean to tell me that you have to obtain simple PH’s illegally out there? If this is indeed the case what sorta penalty are you looking at if you get caught? Just curious.

If you could get the company you are purchasing the prohormones for to put on the invoice that the product is not for retail and they are samples for testing, you might have a shot. But I have no idea if the company would agree to that??

and the funny thing is,all you hear about is how advanced and sophisticated the europeans are. there retarded countries banned a fucking prohormone for christ’s sake.