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What to Work On?

Hey, 185lbs no clothes and 5’10
Think I definitely need to bring up arms and shoulders. How are my insertions do I have potential?
I seem to store fat around hips and legs but should get a leg pic soon.
Going to cut 15+ lbs for summer coming up soon
I’m mainly concerned with

my muscle bellies and if

my potential is even there or not. Cheers!


Here is another pic from my starting weight of 155-159 9 months later. This was Nov 17’ I weighed in 159. Back up to 185 in my current picture

Potential for what?

I assume for gay porn. I think there is definitely potential, even the name is suitable.


Yeah I’m even less keen to look at his…


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Some photos of your back and your legs would help if you want meaningful feedback.

From what I can see, I’d say you would benefit from delt work.

Lol! It’s like the delts have disappeared.

For some reason the album on here says it’s called my booty hole and it’s actually called my physique on imgur site. That’s voodoo.

To have a good physique mr 92.

Well, not really

Yeah I will take some right now gotta do my morning weigh in