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What to Wear Under the Singlet?


What do you guys who compete in PL or OL wear under your singlet? Briefs? Shirts? etc...

jsut wondering. Got my frist singlet and I'm thinking of just wearing a shirt under my singlet.


jock strap and t-shirt


Edible panties


Under keks & a T-shirt.


I keep hearing that, so thats probably what I'm going to do. Thanks =D


I wear a T-shirt and tighty whities, except they aren't white, they are black, so I guess they are tighty blackies, but that really doesn't have the same ring. I had to buy a pair since I only had boxers.

The Federation I compete in (AAU) has pretty specific rules, no briefs (PL briefs), no boxers, t-shirt must not cover elbows but must have sleeves, etc.

I'd check to see if your federation has similar rules, and how strictly they are enforced.


Stuff a whole kielbasa in there. That way, you step out on the platform with mad confidence. Your competition will feel intimidated like "Bob's" neighbors in those old Enzyte commercials. Judges won't even be looking at whether your lifts are good. They'll just be awe-struck by your visibly massive stink-stalk. When you hand off a bench to a training partner, they won't smell your sweaty cods- they'll smell the sweet aroma of Hillshire Farms prime cuts of beef, spiced and smoked to perfection. Hey, and you just may make a good impression with one of a two unattached females over age 12 that you are likely to see at a meet.


T-shirt and jock strap


hahahahahahahaha classic


Underwear is always a good bet.


Nothing at all.... Nothing at all....

I only really wear a singlet to bench in these days so, so my bench shirt and some form of underwear or UA probably.


This is the same thing I hear everybody say; in wrestling.
Guess it applies to lifting aswell.


I just got a pair of Under Armour 'Metal' shorts that have a pocket for a cup. They feel comfortable and don't ride up when you put on the singlet. Other than that, a t-shirt with a funny/hardcore/obcene/company logo is always in style.


Out of curiosity, why choose a jock strap over briefs or boxer briefs? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I've never understood their benefits other than for wearing a cup...


It's really an athletic supporter. There is no place for a cup with these or at least that is the way that mine is. The only time I wear a cup is when I do elevated snatch grip deadlifts in training for obvious reasons. Anyone that has done these understands what I am saying.

I like the athletic supporter because it gives more support to the scrotum than briefs because it's much more snug and tight. Also, there is nothing but the straps on the glutes in the back which causes less interference in many ways especially if the singlet is tight and you want to remove the straps on top that go over your traps during attempts.