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What to use?

What steroid would be good to start with?.. or where is a good place to find info to do my own research?

I am 33, 6’1", 205lbs with around 9 percent body fat. I have been training for more that 10 years and I was looking for suggestions/info on what would be a good steroid to start out with and what type of dose/cycle to use…

Any info is welcome. Thanks.

read all of the articles here as well as on meso-rx.com

P-Dog is on point with his suggestion. The site he listed is very informative and been around a LONG time.

It looks like there are 100’s maybe even 1,000’s of articles on this site alone…

Any suggestions on what articles to start with…?

I guess it would help to mention that my goal is to add some size.

I don’t need to gain it in a flash, I would rather stay towords the “less negative side effects” steroids…

What kind of AAS do you have access to? And how much? I’d like to suggest something, but if you have no way of obtaining it, then it’s no good. Also, you are asking for a steroid, as in “one”. Have you considered stacking maybe TWO? The synergy of doing more than one drug can be much more valuable than doing one drug alone.

Go back to meso-rx and read up on the drug profiles atleast. You’ve been training for 10 years. Spend one more month educating yourself on AAS and go from there. Good luck.

good point Mass.

Xtreme: Use the search engine and find the “Steroid Newbie Thread.” The aforementioned thread should get you pointed in the right direction.

I was going to point out the “steriod newbie thread” search also, but warhorse got it.

Also search for “Syringe/needle” for another article.

One thing I have found helpful is to do a search in the T-forums for
Bill Roberts
Cy Wilson
Brock Strasser
Brian Bachelor
(…my apologies to all I have left out but the list would go forever)

read everything the aforementioned people have put their name on in doing so, you will learn other names to search and follow. You will also learn different topics to further search on…the steroid newbie thread will help explain some of the ‘lingo’.

You can also do a search simply for ‘steriods’ with the “T-mag” selected and find many articles like
Steroids for Life
Steroids 101

My last advice is to take what the ‘vets’ say to heart, but don’t flat out believe it just because someone has said it. Further research until you can find definative proof, etc. Never be satisfied. Come back and discuss your opinions.

Hope atleast some of that helps.