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What to Use to Strip Off the Last 3%?

Hey guys so I’m competing in a contest in exactly 4 weeks. Right now my stats are 6’2 205lbs hovering around high 5/low 6 for bodyfat.
My diet/cardio is in check and it just seems like I’m slowly screetching to a halt as contest nears. I’ve gone overboard with cardio before and it turned me into a string bean but I will do it if neccessary. Any supplements like t3/clen/etc you guys use to get down to the last 3 percent? I want to get to that level of leanness to where it’s absolutely humbling to look at. Any help is appreciated!

Theres a guy on here who posted a research study how clen/albuterol worked synergistically with t3, I would go that route one of my buddies did

50 mc of clen in the morning everyday
with 25mc of t3 every day,
then albuterol twice a day at 4mg

really cut him up quick, held on to a ton of muscle too, strength got a little better, he loved it, have you had any experience with AAS, or T3, Clen or albuterol?