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What to Use for Fat Loss?

Im 5’10 about 170 but I feel my stomach is getting a little bloated (currently at 32.5") Ive heard some cool stuf about furazadrol in terms of gaining lean muscle and losing fat as well. Im a little skeptic but I dont know if I want to do this or just a regular fat burner. I’d love some info for anyone “in the know.”

by the way my main goal is to gain muscle but I would also like to lean out a bit. So I would eat a very clean “bulk” diet

thanks this will be alot of help!

sounds like you need to decide what you really want to do. If you want to gain some muscle and have been getting progress so far, keep going on. If you want to lean out, tighten up your diet. Your stomach bloating sounds like your diet needs to be looked at. Theres no wonder supplement thats going to spot reduce your gut.

no offense, but it sounds like you need to read a lot of the nutritional articles on here, because your post is going in so many different directions.

5’10 and 170 I wouldn’t be worried too much about fat loss, rather focusing on eating correctly and lifting hard, and you’ll start to move in the right direction

Yessir - Sounds like you need to tune up your diet before you think about popping any pills.

lol thanks guys for the help to be honest I do have a fairly lean diet. Im only 165-170 but when I started lifting I was 130. i definitely will have my cheat meals so I agree I should tune up my diet a bit.

I would like to know, for my own personal knowledge, whether furazadrol is a good product to help lean muscle? which if my diet is clean I may lose some fat on the way, is that correct??

what the heck is furzhahelkjhs , sounds like something that is trying to come off as a AAS…

never heard of the stuff; and i think that i’m relativly knowledgable (jehova let’s not bring up the whole ‘sugar/fiber/carb’ thing again lol)

how old are you?

5-10 and 170 isn’t too bad. just eat clean and lift hard; real results can only come with time.

there is NO shortcut worthwhile.

thanks for the input guys.

fyi furazadrol is a very mild ph made to increase lean, dry gains without water retention or fat gain