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What to Train After/During Recovery from Biceps Tendonesis?

Hi guys,

First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Kelvin, Im from The Netherlands and I have worked out starting from the age of 16 (im 25 atm). So forgive for eventual mistakes in my language.

I am recovering from a biceps tenodesis at the moment. Surgery date of it was 5th of September. It was a long head biceps tear. The tear was something I wasn’t aware of at that time, because it felt like it was something little. It started to keep annoying and I couldn’t train for the full 100 procent. So I went straight for the PT, as I find doctors too easy when it comes with such problems. They found a long head biceps tear through a echo and so the procedure towards surgery was in progress.

Now 5 months post-op, the recovery isn’t going like planned, so Im stuck with limited training. I feel demotivated, because I can’t do the things right now I love to do. Im limited to train legs (machines and dumbellss only) and abs. I can’t squat because of the position of the arms, it will iritate and I will end up with shoulder irritation and pain. Deadlift is also out of the option right now, because of the same reason. I think the fact I can’t do these 2 excercise is a total demotivator. The machines are mentally killing me because it is so boring.
Because of that, I stopped overal training and gain some weight (negative way) and keep falling into a steep valley which absorbs my motivation.

So my question to you guys after this story, are there people who had the same problem with any shoulder injury and what did you train?
I would love to get back and train everything I can, but it will have to wait for a few more months.

Thanks in advance.