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What To Take?


Alright guys ive been reading for a few weeks and im still confused on what to get.im a newb to the more "hardcore" stuff im just sick of this stuff not working or lightly working creatine/ natural testosterone boosters/ nitric oxid ect.... i need to see some gains. so what should i take i was looking at ot i want something oral. please help guys thanks.


Please rethink everything you just wrote. You have left yourself open to a bonfire. Buy a clue before asking for help.


also i forgot what about dianabol methandrostanolene? i herd this is alsmost the same as turnibol? i found a place to get dianabol 100tabs 5mg for 59.99 is this a good deal?i weigh 250 what kind of mgs should i take of this a day.thanks in advance for any help.


If you've been reading and are still confused, continue to read until the confusion goes away.

Seriously, this is not something to be taken lightly. There are significant health and, depending on where you live, legal ramifications to using AAS.


I heard that training and nutrition help you put on size. It might just be a rumour.


Give us some more background. Past Training experience, age, bf%, training routines, diet, previous supplement experience.
Remember AAS i is only as effective as your training and diet allow it to be.


ROFL. Was drinking a cup of tea when I read that JS and almost choked.


some good advoce in this thread, listen to what's been said mate.

you need to make sure you're gaining muscle and making gains using a good routine, diet and rest.

steroids are no magic pill. if you aren't gaining well off any supplements/diet/training then you won't gain anything using steroids either.


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well ive been on and off training since freshman year so 14 im 19 now.ive tried alot of off the shelf stuff creatine protein powders glutamine n20. recently ive tried TRIBEX and 6oxo i liked that stuff. i get about 250 grams of protein aday.

all i can say is i do have a lot of bodyfat i havent done a body comp test in a while. when i graduated from highschool iwas 190 stopped training and i now weigh 250 im 6'3" i just started training again about 2 months ago. i appreciate any help u guys can give me im trying to learn all i can from here. its not that i dont see any gains its that i just need more.im hooked and i need more.


whats up i now just realized how stupid of me to post this question. i just read a post and realize how stupid i am on this subject. ill ask for some other advice if u guys dont mind. i have my own routines but i love to try some new stuff is there any place on the web to look (maybe here)i can find some good work out routines?im definitly bumping my protein.

do any of u think any off the shelf stuff is good i know i wont see huge gains but i will see some. i need more but i also need more knowledge before using any serious stuff.thanks for setting me straight i had a credit card ready and waiting. but now ill just buy some more protein.
what do u think of tz3 stack from sci fit? i was thinking of using that for now.


So you're 19, balooned up after stopping working out during high school, you've been taking t-boosters for a while, and you're still asking about steroids?

Get a fuckin clue. You're 19, unless you have low T, you're gonna fuck up your endocrine system, if you havent already. I'm not educated about steroids, but I sure as hell know not to take them until you've had a serious diet, and workout plan for years. You, are not this case.

Stop worrying about drugs to take when you can get your ass back in shape with a solid nutrition plan and workout plan.


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Damn I love T-Nation.