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What to Take.

Ok Im 25m, 6ft 275lbs. My goals are to get bigger, can never be too big ib my honest opinion, drop about 20% BF and get get my bench to 550, can already 445. Ive never used anything in the past, just protien, Amino acids, Creatine, and some products off this site. Alpha Male, Surge, Grow!, ZMA and just ordered 2 jars of that Carabolin 19. what Is a good stack for me to take? Theres so much out there and its mind boggling. I dont whant to get bloated, so I was looking at Sustenon 250, was told 200 bucks for 20 vials? Winnies and Anavar, but the Anavar is only 5mg (2$) I can find and the Winnies are pills (1$). I really dont know what to use. I whant a good stack, realativly safe and cost efficiant. And what type of Workouts should I be doing, heavy weights or high volume? Oh its so hard to choose. I really just whant to look good for the summer (better actually lol).

My recommendation is to read the articles on this site and then come back and post, you have a lot to learn.