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What to Take with Testolic ?


i will start a 8 week course of testolic 50 mg x 2 = 100 mg a week
i had purchased tamoxifen to use 1 pill daily as anti estrogen
and i will get liv .25 which is liver health tablets
what should else i use during / after the course
some friend adviced to use clomide with tamoxifen and add dica to the course
please i am a noob and need ur advise


You need alot more test than that. 100 mg per week is a replacement dose. You'll get........ nothing. Spend some more time looking up good info on test doses and ancillary drugs. It pays to be educated before doing things like this.


then how much do i need , and what about the rest of the inquiry ?
please help me


This info really is readily available but I'll get you started on the right track. Testolic is test propionate if I'm not mistaken. 100 mg every other day is a standard minimum. With test only you wont need liver support. And tamoxifen is not the best choice for on cycle estrogen control, an AI is, but you shouldn't need it on a moderate test only cycle anyway. Tamoxifen is used as PCT. And until you have a better understanding, I would steer clear of deca. Actually, steer clear of all of it until you understand it.

Study guide: testosterone doses, anti-aromatase, SERM, PCT, HPTA. That will get you started with a few hours of reading.


thanks for ur kind response
can u just telle me what " AI " REFERES TO

i had done further reseaches and got that the testolic dosage is from 100-300 mg weekly
this was stated at most steroids sites . and said that other test products dosage is 300-500 mg
weekly , so i understand that that testolic dosage is a special case from test products
they said also it works better with deca drabuline and denabole .
but u said i should stay away of them now
i know that denabole is tablets , which will be easier to take than deca
should i add denabole tablets to my testolic cycle ... ?
i will also use liv25 and " ai " u talked about but when i know its exact name and right usage


Is it too hard to use google? Or search these forums? How young are you?


AI= aromatase inhibitor. There are several good drugs in this category. PCT= post cycle therapy. Don't fuck with deca or other nandrolones right now since you are not even ready for test. Much more study is needed. Read the stickies in this forum to start. Google anything that confuses you. I can't tell you what to do, but you need to know what your doing before you get into this. It's serious shit. We're talking about powerful drugs here, not magic supplements. Hormones affect more body functions than you can probably imagine, so altering them is a big deal. I don't really feel comfortable giving you any more info until you demonstrate that you understand this topic very well.

I know this probably comes across as harsh, but you need to see the importance of understanding in this situation and the seriousness of the things you're talking about. I remember finding all this info myself and researching for months before even deciding that I wanted to use, before spending another several weeks deciding on products, dosing, duration, etc. It's all out there. Please read up for your own good.


you MUST read the stickies and do more research on the steroids you are going to use