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What to Take with Test Enanthate 250?

Hey guys I just want some advice and info on taking Test E 250. What should I take with it and what needles are recommended? I’m 29, 5 foot 6, about 190 pounds in pretty decent shape. I’ve heard that estrogen levels can increase and you can have hair loss if this stuff isn’t done correctly. I’m only trying to increase performance some not trying to body build. So how much should I take? I heard 300mg a week is good but I am not sure. Please any and all info will be greatly appreciated!!!

Do some more reading for your own sake. 250mg is not going to do much unless you take it for quite a while. 500mg will do a lot more. There’s a reason many beginner cycles are 500mg of Testosterone. 250mg is what many folks cruise at. It’s enough to keep gains between cycles but not enough to build a ton of muscle in a short time frame.

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As @dextermorgan already stated that’s about the lowest dose someone would want to consider. The thing is… your risks are virtually the same on 300mg versus 500mg so why not maximize the potential of your cycle?

Estrogen issues are a possibility but not common. Its best if you have Nolvadex (tamoxifen) for your PCT before you start and then have some extra. The most feared high E2 symptom is gyno and you can use the Nolvadex to block the breast tissue receptors.

As far as hair loss goes thats generally caused by elevated DHT. Its mostly stated that if you were prone to it anyway cycling test or DHT derivatives can increase the speed of hair loss. If you were not going to lose your hair anyway it likely won’t cause it.

Summary: Have your Test and PCT both on hand before you start. I recommend having an extra vial of Test in case you break something or lose and injection. PCT should be Nolvadex and enough for 40/40/20/20 as in 40mg/day for the first week, 40/day second week, 20/day third week and so on. Pin 250mg 2x per week using 23ga 1.5" pins for Glutes and 25ga 1" pins for quads or delts.


:point_up_2:t2: Everything he said.

I reread what you said about the injections and the Nolvadex (tamoxifen). Disregard what I said.

What exactly is PCT and where can I get Nolvadex (tamoxifen)? Is that over the counter? Prescription? Or most likely where I got the test from? Also what about Clomid? I heard that something I should take after a cycle. The packet has 50 pills in it. If I was to get that how Should I take its exactly?

Also I was just scared of 500 mg cause I didn’t want to start loosing my hair and gaining a lot of estrogen. I’m extremely new to this so any extra simplified and elaborated information is very appreciated.

And you say take a small dose each day. I’ve also heard some people take the same dosages but just two larger injections a week. What’s the big difference in that besides the number of injections?

Exactly. I wish these guys would get it. I’m on 350mg of T and 150mg Mast and have gained a total of 2.5 lbs.

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More frequent injections mean your levels are more “level”. Less highs and lows. More of a constant level throughout the week vs ups and downs depending on how far from the last injection you are. Granted most are fine with just twice a week injections. I personally do daily injections.

Post Cycle Therapy. Nolvadex is usually acquired by same source as your other gear.

Yes you can use Clomid in place of Nolva. In that case you would do 50/50/25/25.

Its a personal choice. Only you can choose. The higher your T dose the higher your DHT and E2 are likely to be sure… is that problematic. Probably not.

Thats what I mean too. You would split whatever your weekly dose is into two injections. So if it was 500mg you would take 250mg on Sunday and 250mg on Weds for example.

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I pin Test C every other day and feel a lot better than twice weekly FWIW. On cruise twice weekly is fine for me, though.

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Okay if I end up needing DHT blockers or estrogen blockers what would you recommend to take for each (or is clomid good for both)? Just want to be safe just in case. Also, in the case of DHT, what are some early signs before the obvious symptom of hair loss?

If you absolutely need to block E2 than Arimadex is the most common AI used. For DHT you would use Propecia (finasteride). I would be wary of using the DHT blocker. Jsut google post finasteride syndrome (PFS).

Yeah after reading that I might stay away. I’m 30 with a head full of hair and it’s very thick. I think I’m not too prone to hair loss. But are there any early symptoms of it that I should look for before the hair actually comes out? Or what mg would be best to stay under just to have the best chances to prevent it?

Also what are the best injection sites in your opinion ? I’ve been told by someone that he inject on outside of the thigh (one hand width above the knee and 1 hand width below the groin.) and he said he walked with a limp for almost a week and had some slight swelling and redness. I have 1 inch 22g.

I know a guy that micro doses finasteride, with good results. I think he takes between 1/8-1/4th of what is typically prescribed. The guy doesn’t have much hair, so I do wonder why he does it anyways (I guess he doesn’t want to fully shave the head).

If you go this route the time to use it is when you discover you need it. Don’t take it just to prevent something that likely won’t occur as there are downsides to taking it.

Get a shower drain strainer. Count how many hairs you lose off cycle after a shower. While on count the hairs. If it is a lot more on than off, you are almost for sure losing hair.

You could also look at your brush and get an idea of how much you shed. Keep observing how much is on the brush. If it goes up a bunch, then you are likely losing hair due to the anabolic. The brush method is easier if you have long hair like me. Very short hair may not stay in the brush.

I am currently using 29 gauge slin pins and injecting into the delts. I do this for TRT and blasting. It hurt at first, but I now get hardly any PIP (virgin muscle seems to hurt more). Some oils will be hard to pull with a 29 gauge. Some will not. I prefer 27 gauge slin pins if I can get them, but they are harder to find. Pulling through a 27 vs 29 gauge is a night and day difference in pull time.

Thats a pretty stout needle. Not quite a harpoon but large. Normally for needles that large I stick to glutes.


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Okay I’ll try that area next. I’ve done my thigh and shoulder so far.

Okay I’ll try that area next. I’ve done my thigh and shoulder so far.

What would you guys recommend to take during a cycle to prevent the shrinkage? Can you use clomid for that?

Blshaw…Can you give me some advice on taking HCG during a cycle to prevent the shrinkage? You was recommend by someone that’s says you are very noligable (as I’ve already experienced from your previous replies). How much to take? How often? Get premixed or not? Should I have a E2 blocker while taking it? And any other information you think I may need.

250iu eod for maximum effect, 250 twice a week just to keep from having shrinkage. Never buy premixed. Using an AI with it does nothing because the mechanism by which it aromatises is not something that can be blocked by existing meds. The total aeomatisation from the doses I listed above should be negligible.