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What to Take with Test 400?

Hi everyone I’m taking test 400 at the minute just wondering what else I can take with it I am looking to bulk up and just need a little advice on what’s best to take with it thanks

You don’t know how to set up a training routine, have been training for a few months, and you’re 140-something pounds.

Using any kind of anabolics is a phenomenally bad idea. How long have you been on?


I’ve only just started taking test mate.

Can I ask why is it a bad idea ?

It’s a bad idea because you have no idea what you are doing in the gym, and you have no idea how to eat properly to gain weight naturally. What do you have for estrogen control, and what do you have for PCT?


You know what mate NGL I’m not doing anything for Estrogen and don’t have anything for PCT I was training with a friend who’s been in the game a long time but things have changed and I’m back on my own just thought I would give test a try to see better gain but obviously I’m wrong idk what am doin for you’re but I just keep getting fed bull shit of half the people I ask so I’m on my own I guess and I’m sure I will learn from my mistakes and eventually figure out what to do myself

If you can help me on what I need to do for Estrogen and for PCT I would appreciate that

Same reason you don’t give a 17-year old with a new license the keys to a Murcielago. They think it’s a shortcut to a dream situation, but they’re only gonna get hurt. Badly.

You’re underweight, so you’re not going to be giving your body enough nutrition to optimally grow with the gear. You don’t know how to train, so you’re going to skate by on the “any training works when you’re on gear”-concept.

The fact that you’re asking what else to take in addition to test, instead of replying to any of the tons of advice you’ve gotten about training, also highlights that your basic priorities are way off. Training and nutrition are always fundamental, whether or not you’re on cycle.

Add in that you have two years of “off and on” training and only a couple months of consistent work, and you’re not in any position to really capitalize on the benefits of anabolics. If you drop the cycle now and start thinking about it when you’re 165 or so, you’d be in a slightly better state.


This is why I would agree with Chris that you running a cycle is a bad idea. You should have an AI on hand, even if you don’t need it. You need SOMETHING to restart your HPTA after the cycle unless you are going to blast and cruise (don’t do that right now). You should stop this cycle as soon as you can acquire PCT meds.

If you choose not to, then for an AI you want either aromasin or arimidex. .5mg on pin days for adex, 12.5mg for asin is a starting point IF you get symptoms of high E2. Your mid-cycle bloodwork (you bought the blood tests to check your numbers right?) will tell you exactly where your E2 is. PCT should be nolva or clomid. Others are better at dosing that, but the “old” way was 40mg per day for 2 weeks, then 20mg per day for 2 weeks of nolva, also written 40/40/20/20. Clomid would be 50/50/25/25. The “new” way seems to be lower doses for longer, like 20/20/20/10/10/10 for nolva. Start PCT 2 weeks after your last test pin.

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Please Andy, read some of the older first timer posts. All the good advice is on this forum.

At 140 you’re only harming yourself without benefiting from the roids. I wouldn’t use anything myself in your situation and advise you to do the same.

We are always here to help figure out where to go from here and when you’re ready, help you make the right choices for anabolics if you then choose to use some.

My first advice for you now would be to buy and do Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. It will help you in learning the most important lifts and how to do them correctly, how to eat to really grow and you’ll learn a lot about your recovery capacity.
All this is essential to know before you cycle and you can only get to know your body through experience. So there’s no way around it. You gotta put in the work first so you got everything down when you take on the variable that is AAS.


Good advice. Need the caveat that many get in the mind set that only starting strength form is acceptable, when there is a lot of ways of doing the lifts that are better depending on body type. Looking down while squatting is a good example. This did not work well for me.

Don’t these youngsters these days know how to research using Google? All the info you could possibly want about first cycles and what all you need on hand is right there seconds away. Read real articles not some posts on a forum from who knows who. I guess it’s too hard to do on a cell phone :^ /

There’s a reason everyone is telling you this is a bad idea. Trust the wisdom of crowds in this instance.

There’s a good chance you’ll be on the needle for the rest of your life

If you mean literature, there are no studies on how to conduct a first cycle and if you mean articles which you find on google from the first few websites, then the second half of your sentence applies to that as well.

This forum is one of the more serious places on the internet on this topic and I think he made the right decision to come here. But I agree, that reading and learning beforehand would be better but these topics aren’t easy to grasp when you first start out.