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What to Take with Sust?


I am new to the world of boosters. I have been interested in them for the past 5 or so years since i was about 20. I have been putting it off and doing tons of research due to the bad publicity of it. I recently acquired some sustanon and its been in the fridge for a few months while i make up my mind to take this route or not. a little about me. im 5'11" 145lbs. been the same height and weight since i was 14. very little body fat. recently ive noticed a decrease in my sex drive, energy, and motivation. during my research ive read that sus helps with all of the above and helps put on some mass.

my goal is to be at 170. i did my first injection tonight of sus 250. should i be taking anything else with it? ive read some take deca, some winstrol, and some just take sus. im just looking for some insight. sorry for bouncing around. not good at writing. thank you in advance for any information passed my way.


tons of research? are you fucking kidding me, get the fuck out of here, go read something for real. Try putting food in your fucking mouth and training properly instead of turning to steroids, you're 145lbs for fuck sake


No need to be rude. I eat like a horse. And yes research. Reading studies like new England journal of medicine. The positive and negative aspects. Studies. And if you are going to be rude then don't say anything. I can get negativity anywhere.


But... but... you weigh 145lbs... can't... must.. control.. my...

You're a lazy fuckhead looking for a magical shortcut through potentially harmful drugs when all you need to do is fucking put more food in your mouth.

Sorry, I tried.


Drink a gallon of whole milk a day in addition to everything you currently eat.


wow bro, your diet and training must be SUPERB.


You guys must be psychics. Knowing how I eat. Or you're going through my garbage reading my grocery receipts. Bravo.


You weigh 145lbs. You don't eat enough. Duh.

If you eat enough, you won't weigh 145lbs. Duh.

Common sense. Use it.


It doesn't take a psychic to know you're not eating enough if you weigh 145 lbs. The truth is, you won't gain the muscle you want to gain by taking steroids if you don't start eating more than you currently are. I strongly suggest you figure out your diet first.

I'll take you at your word that you eat like a horse right now. If eating like a horse isn't putting weight on you, then you need to eat like an elephant. The answer to gaining weight is, and has always been, eat more than you are currently eating, no matter how much that is. Trust me on this one. I started at a bodyweight of 125, so I know what it's like to be a small guy. I weigh 195 now.


you haven't gained weight in like a decade. Pretty obvious your diet sucks.


how ignorant can you be? I mean, really? Maybe you literally JUST started eating like a horse, and if that's the case then you're being impatient. But I guarantee you're just lazy and don't have a bit of a clue about what it really takes to grow.

Please post up your diet and training routine. You'll get the help you need this way.


I actually did go through your garbage and found your receipts. Wanna know what it said? "You're a big pussssssssay"

I had a friend once who complained that I could gain weight but that he couldn't no matter how much he ate. Then one day we're bbq'ing up steaks with the guys, and this genuis is soooo hungry he stuffs his face full of cheetos. Like he couldn't wait 5 fuckin minutes until the steaks were ready. And by then he was too full for steak. Needless to say we aren't friends anymore.


Please tell me your a troll or a woman.... Better yet please post up exactly what you eat from start to finish and don't fucking lie. You want help ill amuse that maybe just maybe you have a fucking tape worm and you aren't lying which normally I wouldn't do. None the less you have 3 options here. Not a one of them involves using steroids.

A. Admit your diet is shit and actually get some help.
B. Continue to try bullshitting and accomplish nothing at all except being flamed off the site.
C. Get checked for tape worms.


for breakfast i eat 4-6 eggs and a protein shake, mid morning i eat a can of tuna with whole wheat crackers, lunch i eat 2 cups brown rice with 1lb of fish or chicken, mid day another shake and for dinner i eat a whole grain pasta with either chicken or red meat and a green.


So that's your idea of eating like a horse? I call bs on the lb of chicken or fish unless you are weighing it before you cook it.


You Are eating literally like 50g of fats at best. 150G of carbs at best. Protein looks decent but try adding more real food instead of shakes.

Up the carbs and fats. Eat real food instead of shakes or at least with them.

Its hard give exact numbers when you dont give exact portions.


Man no offense but that is not close to horse. I am cutting as in dropping body fat and eating 3 times that.

Breakfast: 8 Eggs, 1 scoop Whey, Peanut Butter, Banana, Half Cup Oats in a blender.

Lunch: 16oz Whiting cooked in light butter, 1/2 pound Asparagus, 8oz Potatos.

Snack: 1 packet Peanuts.

Dinner: 16oz Chicken, 1/2 bushel Asparagus cooked in oli, 8oz Potatoes.

Before Bed: 40g Casien Protein making it now.

Thats to cut. I am eating 3x what you are to drop a entire weight class. You don't eat near enough.


Ok, I'll play too:

Breakfast - Half pack of bacon, 3 eggs, bowl of frosties and a protein shake

Snack - couple of protein bars, fruit

Lunch - 250g chicken, 100g fudge


Second Lunch - 250g chicken, 100g fudge

Dinner - 250g meat and about a zillion tons of veggies with rice, potatoes or pasta

Pre-bed - another bowl of frosties, protein shake, fruit


Now we are getting somewhere. For my size I feel like I eat like a horse. I can sit down and eat 2 boxes of mac and cheese and 2 lbs of ground beef. But I'm trying to stay from bad carbs and fats. Heart disease runs in the family. So eating bacon isn't much of an option.

And I portion my meats when I buy them. Everything is in 1lb packages. Yes I weigh them. I don't eat fast food. Or junk. I eat potatoes once a week and greens (spinach, collards etc) every night. If you could give me an idea on a diet plan that would be great


"Bad carbs" The phrase that tells me you are retarded. All carbs are good, they are just used for different reasons. Spiking insulin, maintaining level blood sugars and so on. You need to revisit your nutrition and training, and besides you have a family history of heart disease, if you are willing to take steroids which increase BP then why should bacon worry you? IF you had the slightest clue you would know that increased BP means more stress on the heart and with a history that is a no no.

Heres a solid diet plan.
Eat lots of protein
Eat lots of carbs
Eat your GOOD FATS (Yes there is a difference, maccas and fries wont do you any good here)