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What to Take with Androgel


I was given a prescription for Androgel 5mg per day. Is there any OTC meds or supplements that maximize the muscle building properties of Androgel? Thank you in advance for your input.




Get a bottle of test P and go for it.


^^^ No can do. Has to be legit. How about recommendations to my doc for something to enhance the gel?


Bump for a little help on this. I am new to the Androgel and I am pretty sure some of you pros know the best way to maximize it for muscle and strength gains, I HOPE!


androgel isnt really stackable with anything thats legal.

You could do Prohormones, but that would likely do more harm than good if your test is low.

Ask your doctor about an Aromase inhibitor like adex, or letro to keep your estrogen low normal instead of just normal.

Other than that, there isnt really anything you can do that is legal.


Yeah, what he said.


There are a few things that could legitimately and legally help optimize Androgel's effects on body composition. They are basically what you see others here on the site doing, though: like getting enough kcal and protein, consuming enough carbohydrates to take advantage of insulin production (which helps free up testosterone in the blood stream - check out the article "Testosterone Unleashed"), and considering other anabolic support like leucine in pre-/post-workout shakes.

Nutritionally there's some support for ground flax as an anti-estrogen because it contains lignans that the body uses to form enterolactone - an anti-estrogen. Keeping body fat percentage down is also a way to help reduce any aromatization because adipose tissue is a primary site for estrogen synthesis in men.

Maybe this all sounds a bit weak compared to stacking various drugs but it's some food for thought!



Good to see you around again Lonnie... haven't seen you around in a while.

This information is interesting to me because I have been avoiding flax. I remember reading somewhere that it mimics estrogen, similar to soy.


hcG ( human gonadtropin )

an anti-estrogen if you need it ( arimidex )

Compounded pregnenolone

Compounded DHEA ( or oral if you cannot find it)

Growth Hormone


With any TRT your HPTA will shutdown, LH and FSH production stops which in turn leads to testicular atrophy, perhaps 24x7 aching. Testes shrink and scrotum pulls up tight. Testes no longer produce pregnenolone. Adrenals thus make less DHEA.

250mg hCG injections SC EOD prevent those problems and support mood.

It is important to avoid testicular disfigurement and reduced or lost fertility.

Some do not absorb transdermal T very well. Some do for a while then stop. Those with thyroid problems are classic not absorbers. For those who do not do well on gels, some higher concentration compounded creams can be better. Injections are the best option if transdermals are not working.

Big pharma transdermals are very expensive. Compounded creams are reasonably priced. Injected testosterone is low cost.

For many, that much agel will not increase T much, but will down regulate or shutdown their HPTA while increasing estrogen, specifically estradiol aka E2. Transdermal T products that are spread over large areas of skin can jack up E2 levels. Result can be feeling worse than before.

In most cases, all forms of TRT will require E2 management. Few doctors will test E2 or know what to do. Arimidex/anastrozole aka adex is used to reduce T-->E aromatization. Typical is 1.0mg/week as an oral drug. Pharmaceutical tablets are expensive. Anastrozole is but one of a class of drugs that are aromatase inhibitors [IAs].

Elevated E2 can kill the benefits of high serum T levels. E2 control is vital for a good outcome. Good target is E2=22pg/ml.

So you need T+AI+hCG

There are no OTCs that will do what is needed to address the above issues.

Google things that you need to understand more. Try googling [bla bla bal wiki] to get hits on wikipedia.


Actually, you need to read KSman's book. (and yes, he needs to give in and write it).



I've been sayin!


Androgel works!
I had a T level of 273. One month on Androgel and I am now 697! Thats 4 pumps per day (5 grams). Still no noticable size gains but I am getting stronger.