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What to Take Post-Workout to Calm CNS?

I’m finding because of my situation now that I’m having to workout in the evenings. It’s messing up with my sleep. What do you recommend for a 2A post workout to chill my CNS and racing mind? I’m very sensitive to adrenaline I think

At the end of training (usually around 7pm), I pop:

  • 2-5g glycine
  • 200mg magnesium (I use bisglycinate)
  • 200mg phosphatidylserine (I’m going to start taking this mid-training)

I also have some taurine from my pre-WO but have just sourced some powder on offer so will stick another 2-3g in my intra shake.


james is correct (except maybe that the PPS is a bit low and should be taken pre-workout, it is a cortisol modulator not “decreaser” so it will not cause an issue.

Also, post-workout carbs.

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With the phosphatidylserine, how long preworkout do you recommend taking it?

I picked some up a while ago, but haven’t tried it as I’ve been getting along well with glycine, magnesium, and vitamin c for the most part. I figured I might try it on higher volume days

My 2c…
Watch comedy/something that makes you laugh for 20 mins. Total bro-science but think really helps straighten out my CNS.

Listening to very chilled out music, Classical even like Chopin good stuff also

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Great advice. Unrealistic for me. I have 4 kids so my house is a circus when I get home.

Yes, I have it in tablet form, and it was quite expensive, so I take a low dose even though the recommended is 750mg. I do also wonder about its efficiacy anyway as the original formula was derived from cow brains. Now its soy. Could ask my butcher for cow brain. Apparently 100g of brain is worth about 700mg but the thought of munching down on that is too much even for an adventureous eater like me! It is contained in other organs to a lesser extent, which is another good reason for getting thes einto your diet. I personally do mainly chicken livers from organic birds, which actually tastes quite nice too.

I don’t know, I can lift to Chopin. It’s anything but chill to me.

There is a song by Marconi Union (Weightless) that has some research supporting it as a good tool for relaxation,

In fact, listening to that one song – “Weightless” – resulted in a striking 65 percent reduction in participants’ overall anxiety, and a 35 percent reduction in their usual physiological resting rates.

I’ve found it to work okay, especially paired with mindful breathing (I’m preferable to 4-7-8)