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What to Take for Very Early Morning Workout


I'm up at 3:45 a.m. and am at the gym by 4:00 a.m. Was wondering what I could take. Right now the only thing I am doing is drinking coffee on the way to the gym. Am thinking about adding 5-10 grams of powder BCAA's.

It seems like most people do pre-workout nutrition anywhere from one hour to 1/2 hour before lifting. What would be best for such a small time frame?

Changing workout and getting up times is not an option. Thanks in advance.


i would reccomend a protein shake as soon as you wake up, thatll give you a potein pulse and get some amino acids into the blood before you hit the weights


Mix up some MAG-10 + SWF



I throw some DMAE in my shake.


What Stu said. Or, have a FINiBAR (or 2 :p) when you wake up (very easy to digest, and I'd you buy 4 boxes at a time it is a great deal) and drink MAG-10 during your session.


Why use the word 'take' instead of 'eat'?


because he doesn't intend to buy it himself :slight_smile: