What to Take for Tendonitis All Over?

Any proven injections or supplements, peptides or otherwise, that will help heal tendonitis?

YMMV, but turmeric with peperine is a powerful anti-inflammatory. 1,000mg/day has been a Godsend for me in fighting tendon and joint inflammation.

Thanks for the response.
Been on it a month now with no results. Actually cant tell that Im taking anything and I really with the extra mile to make sure I bought quality Curcumin with peperine.

Seems to work for most everyone but me.

Thinking about trying BPC-157 next.

BPC may help, but tendonitis is a bitch. You may need to cut back your training to let it heal. Perhaps you just need to change up your exercises. Back squats seem to give me elbow issues (not for sure tendonitis, but tendonitis like), same for pull ups. I am doing SSB squats, and chins instead, and that has helped.

I would try to remove the stuff that is causing pain and replace it with substitutes that don’t cause pain.

I don’t think there is a lot of risk with BPC, so you could try it.

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I have no idea what you diet consists of, but know that pretty much all highly processed foods are pro-inflammatory as well, which is something to consider

‘I’m training in a way that is producing chronic damage to connective tissue all over my body, setting me on a path that leads to chronic pain, or even catastrophic orthopedic injury. Is there something I can take that will allow me to continue down this path?’

Say it out loud and see how it sounds.


There’s a training and injury section, I’d start there. It really depends on what you have going on, not all muscles and joints respond the same. I don’t think there’s a pharma shortcut here, you’ll need to do some rehab as you train.

Some individuals are very prone to these types of things. I have a buddy that basically needs to train like a geriatric or he gets joint issues. I agree with you though. He needs to look to changing his training before using pharma.

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I never had any tendonitis issues until I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. Ever since then, I’ve had it in my hands, wrist and elbows. Had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with training. Why? Because I wasn’t training when it started. I was only asking about tendonitis/inflammation reducing peptides/GH/products.

Jump to conclusions much??

It’s true–when people ask questions that sound training-related on a website dedicated to training-related issues, I do jump to the conclusion that the question is training-related.


Under the heading “Pharma”.

Lesson learned.
Say it out loud and see how it sounds.

On the other side of the coin, is OP jumping to conclusions on having tendonitis? Does he have a diagnosis? I tell people that I get tendonitis like flare ups in my elbows, because I don’t know if it is indeed tendonitis.

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OK, here we go:
‘OP asked a question that sounds training-related in the Pharma section of a website dedicated to training-related issues, and I assumed it was training-related.’
Sounds reasonable to me.

At any rate, I’ll sign off from your thread. I hope you find a solution for your issues.

I think you need to evaluate if it is tendonitis or not? Could this be something from the carpal tunnel surgery? Could it be a nerve thing? Tendonitis is often an overuse issue. If you were not overusing it, I don’t think I would be confident in saying it is tendonitis.

If this is chronic broadly occurring pain unrelated to training, it sounds like a serious medical issue you should be seeing a doctor about. If your body literally can’t maintain ligaments well enough for daily life, I wouldn’t be looking for a pill, I’d be looking for a cause.

As generic ligament advice, slow controlled negatives can help rebuild ligaments. For diet, like for like. Generally the best way to eat to maintain a specific tissue is to eat that tissue. Literally eating more ligaments should give your body everything it needs if you are short on a nutrient…

Diagnosed by Ortho Dr. Have taken several steroid shots for it, but can only do so many of those. He said “most likely” caused by the CT surgery, and there are some studies on it, but not enough conclusive evidence to say for sure.

Ill bow out now. Just wanted some general info.


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It is good you have a diagnosis. I wasn’t sure by earlier posts. Many people jump to conclusions about injuries. Not trying to call you out, just a pattern I’ve noticed.