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What to Take for Strength, Size, Muscle?


Ive been out the game for years i need somthing that's going to get my strength back i want to get more size and muscle all in one I want the best stuff for the job I need help, anybody have any suggestions on what I can get on I weigh about 216 I want to get up to atleast 230 Ive lost alot of strength and I want it back I need a boost


First thing would be a lot of food, most anabolic thing out there.

Other than that, i heard the Anaconda Protocol is top of line.


I'll check it out thanks for the reply


Food food food. But, I will say, while the Anaconda Protocol is really expensive, it basically forces you to take in a lot of good nutrients and calories while you lift, which = fucking growth. Hopefully you know how to lift.


I fear for the class of 2011


Yeah, it's called food.

And a suggestion for a supplement (eg, Anaconda) is unwarranted for someone who has to be informed that he has to consume food.


Food and almonds.
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wait so has anyone mentioned food yet? lol

You're going to need to eat a lot and put in the work in the gym.


is this stuff pretty good, are you using it at the moment, what can i take with it


lol is this in response to the dianabol post? this has to be a troll


pick a training system stick with it for a week then swap it for another one . after another week swap it for a different one again and so on .
as for diet eat cake ice cream Mc donalds and as many supps as you can shovel in .
a legendary member here once had awesome increases in his squat buy incorperating chocolate cake peri W/O .


You don't consider almonds food?


whey? creatine?


tits or GTFO


Foam Roll, not Swiss Roll.