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What to Take for Increased Aggression?

Hello everyone,

What matches methyltestosterone in aggression? Could .you guys please give me some options? Only people with experience with this topic/product please respond. I’m getting ready to deploy for 2 weeks and would like to take something with me. Orals would be my preference for convenience sake. Don’t powerlifters use something for aggression?

Thanks in advance for your help

fluoxymesterone, trenbolone, metribolone… all terrible ideas


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Halotestin is fluoxymesterone, it’s surprisingly not as harsh as many make it out to be (according to literature)… but neurologically its very harsh, it’s only for the mentally strong if you ask me…

Are you on testosterone now and if so will you still be on while deployed?

Do they drug test in the military… in Aus they drug test in the military FREQUENTLY, including for all PED’s be it AAS, peptides etc… they’re retarded here

It’s urine testing and now they’re trialling hair testing to catch a soldier who has smoked a joint six months ago, remove him from the service… Do they test for PED’s in the US? If so, this is a risky game, TNE would be about the only thing you’d want to use

Use PED’s for better physical performance, not aggression. You want a clear head, to make logical decisions, not emotional ones.

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This… especially if deployed on the front lines…

Couple hundred mg masteron prop, once off.

Have you tried cocaine?

The problem with increased aggression, aka rage, is that it’s very exhausting. Unless you’re in a couple minute brawl, I don’t see the advantage. You’d be better off doing something that limits cortisol. If you’re already on trt that should cover you there.