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What to Take for Cholesterol Issues with Pharma

Lowering LDL…

Steroid use is catobolic to HDL. VLDL, triglyceride converts to LDL. LDL particle size infuses into the cell wall and later becomes oxidized causing atherosclerosis.

Phytosterol found in 3g of coconut or olive oil are proven to lower LDL.

Vitamin E, saw palmetto are tocotrienols. They work similar to statins in the liver and reduce the production on LDL. Vitamin E also prevents oxidation of LDL in the artery wall preventing atherosclerosis formation. Vitamin E also thins the blood similar to aspirin. Saw palmetto also blocks DHT.

Niacin B3 is also proven to reduce LDL.

Decrease belly fat. Resistin also known as **adipose tissue-specific secretory factor. Creates LDL. Lower body fat and decrease resisting.

Eat lean meat

Lower carbs


Increasing HDL…

6-8g Salmon oil
MCT oil