What to Take Blood Tests Of?

I’m currently on 500mg test cyp a week, 40mg dbol a day, and nolvadex 1 pill of 20mg every other day (Not rly sure if I should be taking the Nolvadex to be honest). This is my first cycle.

Was thinking of getting a blood test done around week 4 or 5. I can’t do a full blood test because that would be expensive af, so basically I’m going to test like 2/3 things I guess.

Was thinking of testing for Testosterone and E2. Any other suggestions maybe? Thanks.

Here’s the buffet to choose from

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If you can’t add a CBC/CMP then those two tests will really only tell you if your gear is effective and if your T/E2 ratio is fine for assessment with symptoms.

So this is my blood work after some weeks of 500mg test cyp /week. I know the estrogen is over the normal range, but I had read that the ratio of it with the testosterone is what matters the most rather than the actual levels.
So should I jump to an estrogen blocker / aromatise inhibitor? I have Nolvadex at hand atm

Also, I dont know if this matters or not, but I don’t feel horny or anything, which I expected to be. (I’m 19 y/o with Low T, prescribed TRT and didn’t work, so I decided to take 500mg cyp/week)