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What to Take and Why?


ok, judging from the other post's here i am probably going to get reamed for this, here goes.

i am 23, 6' 240lb.(i have a good layer of "insulation" around my mid-section, waist 36-38, but i will be putting more work into that after i bulk up, what would be a good base dose to start with, i want something effective but i want room to adjust if neccesary.

after researching i was thinking that i would try d-bol alone, and follow it with anastrozole(what is the street name for that?) i read it is expensive, but i am pretty concerned about the poss. of bitch tits.

can i get the same results with clomid/nolvadex? am i wasting my time and money by only using the d-bol? should i add deca, or just durabolin(although i am not excited about stabbing myself in the ass).what cycle duration would be good for a newbie? can i have an example of a typical daily routine involving these (deca,d-bol,clomid)please forgive my ignorance, i am trying. thanks

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is this your first time? where are you getting your supply from?


Consider a test only cycle for your first. running test in conjunction with an AI should give you everything you need to reach your first cycle goals. that being said, the AAS you choose is only a small portion of whether or not you will be successful. make sure your training, nutrition and rest are all up to par.

As for d-bol only cycles. its been the general consensus around here that they are not the best choice. I think a first timer could make decent gains if the dosage, duration and PCT were all carefully considered.

Use the search engine to do some more research and then come back with an outlined plan for members to critique/help you with.


this would be my first time. i have not yet found a source, but hopefully i can find someone here, i just moved here on the first. any reccomendations on who to ask? no one has offered any to me, i'll probably ask a big ass guy at the gym,or go to mexico its like twenty min. away.

i won't pick up anything until i am satisfied with my knowledge base. it's hard to learn this stuff, there are soo many terms, and selections. well, there is allot of info, i'm not sure if all the things i read about are to easy to get. i have never heard anything about where to get roids(from friends or otherwise), besides mexico.


ya, i have a source at the gym.im just trying to debate if is should pay him the extra $200 because it would save me a trip and the chance of getting caught.


Make sure your source is good and also read up on what the counterfits look like and what the real is supposed to looke like (the packaging).