What to Supplement with ANACONDA Protocol?

I am going to order the ANACONDA Protocol for the first time today. I have been taking a multi-vit, creatine, protein along with bcaas and a glutamine supplement. I was wondering what other supplements should be taken along with the ANACONDA Protocol. I know I don’t need to supplement creatine with the protocol, but is there anything else I should take…

No other supplements are required with the Anaconda Protocol, although there may be some that would be beneficial depending on you objectives, diet, and training.

Just focus on your actual food intake. You won’t need to really raise any of your macros if you’re already getting a decent diet (enough cals and prot), but obviously if you want to get the most gains from the approach, get all of your ducks in a row so to speak.


Food. Food food food. Lots of it.

multi’s good, maybe ZMA

otherwise, clean foods.

well, you could continue with your multivitamin. no reason to drop vit.d or even zinc supplementation, for example.