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What To Stack With Test?

Just wondering what would be good to stack with test for muscle growth and fat loss. I will be taking a low dose of test a week and wondering if i should take anything else with it to lose some fat. 300-400mg of test a week is all i am gonna take. Or if i do jsut take the test will it be enough to notice some fat loss and muscle gain. Thanks

you sound like you have no idea what to do. so maybe you should hold off that cycle for a while and read some more before i begin to even ask you any questions.

First do a lot more research.

What test are you using? I would start by upping it anyway.

Adding tren would be a good start.

You really not giving much info so hard to advise.

First cycle?


Years training?


Get the idea…?

No i acctually have been researching this subject and just wanted some advice…I have held off for 9 years and am just looking for some good advice. By taking such a low dose i was wondering if it would even be enough for some decent gains, thats why i asked about stacking.

Thanks honkie.
I am 27 5’8 185lbs have been lifting for 9-10 years. first cycle…I have 300mg test anthate. 10ml. Just looking for some ideas…thanks

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
If it were me, I would just run the test on it’s own (with a little a’dex) to gauge its effects. You can always add other stuff in subsequent cycles…

300mg/wk is definitely on the low side. Get some more test E and run it at 500mg/wk, or run the test E at 500mg/wk until it is gone, then close your cycle with test prop.

If you are dead set on stacking something with test, masteron would be a good choice, as would proviron. Masteron for its’ anti-e and mild SHBG effects, proviron for its potent SHBG effect.

Just a couple of suggestions…


I’m with bushy here. Stack the test with more test. Test alone will get you what you’re looking for. And like stated above, see how the test works for you and then add in other stuff later on or in another cycle.


go with what bushy said… if it’s your fist cycle this would be the best way to approach it.

To add one thing take the Test e every 3-4 days (not once a week).