What to Skip When Short of Time?

Hello Jim,
Currently fallowing Leader 5’s + 5x5 FSL.
Squat/bench day1
DL/press day 2
Assistance 25-50

When short of time, should I cut FSL (3x5 ?) or skip assistance ? Something else ?

Thanks a lot,

If you aren’t already I’d start by supersetting your assistance with your main movements. From there you could go a step further and superset your main movements too so the whole workout is one giant set.

I do ! :wink:

Maybe when on a Leader cut out the assistance since assistance is lower on a Leader anyway, and leaders are more about higher barbell volume. When on a Anchor do a PR set and then skip the supplemental and just do the assistance since Anchors are more about lower barbell volume, PR’s, and building up your weak areas with assistance anyway.

I have made good progress just doing barbell work in the past and no assistance. Eventually I feel you need to do some assistance to focus on lagging areas, but overall just barbell work does good on its own.

The guy above me has it right - but if you are training two days/week, you gotta find time to do it right. There is absolutely no substitute.