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What to Say to Get a Script for Test?


to your doctor or endo to get a script for test.
I am just wondering I don't plan on doing this I am grwoing ok and maybe will do this wehn i am in my twentys.


You say the following:

"Give me sum of them androbolan shots doc, i needs me some more man inside me"

If they wink at you, get out of there..


Shoot me now. Please.



Wtf is going on with this forum?

I can't believe I'm irritated enough to actually post that question.


You have to have blood work done to PROVE that you have low test. And even after all that the doc will only prescribe you a small useless dose..like 200mg/week Cyp. So if you are trying to use AAS to gain muscle and not TRT then a doc wont help you much.


In the world of TRT, 200mg/wk is not a small dose. I have also met a few AAS (beginners) users who to begin with similar amounts of Test and did VERY well from 1-2 cycles at that.