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What to Say, but Wow! (Indigo-3G & Plazma)


So I started Indigo 3G and Plazma on Saturday (25June).
Have had some really good workouts but Tuesday was the true test.
A buddy and I did a 500-rep leg workout.

Started off w/ 50 reps of calve raises
Leg Press 20,20,15,15,15,15,
tri-setted leg press w/ 5sets of 10 on the leg curls and leg extensions starting after the 2nd set of leg press.
Then close it out with more calves this time 100 reps. OUCH!

I’ve tried the 100-rep workout on squats before and it usually took me 6 or 7 sets to do it. (w/ 150lbs)
But I got through it on 20 reps for the 5 sets and was stoked–legs were so pumped. LOL
Today is that 2nd day when I usually really feel it. I’m a touch tender, but NOTHING like what I’ve been after a less taxing workout. My buddy, well the stairs coming up to the office were difficult for him. LOL
I’ve already ordered a 2nd bag of Plazma and have feeling it will not be the last.

I started this experience at about 155lbs (5’6") with about 18%BF. Going to see what happens over the next month and then determine where I want to go. I think between 155-160lbs at around 12%BF would be a great first goal.