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What to Run with T400?

Just started a T400 vials course run on its own can anyone recommend which dose to have weekly I was planning to do 1mill Monday 1 mill Thursday. Also what would be good to run along side it. Has anyone ever had this course and could let me know what it’s like

Background? Previous cycles? Stats? Goals? Need a lot more information before anyone can tell you anything meaningful.

You started a testosterone cycle without knowing what ancillary drugs you need to have and what pct looks like? Besides your background as iron asked im curious as to wether you finshed grade school and if so what is your knowledge of steroids?

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T400 can be a bit painful to shoot due to solvents used to allow higher mg/ml to not cause supersaturation of solution

So just be wary of that.

I’m 21 years of age lad and I weigh 13stone I’m looking for lean mass for summer and i have already got my PCT for the end of my course. Don’t reply to me if ur talking shit mate

I have trained for 3 years I’m 21 mate last year I’ve had test 400 with tren e I had PCT after my course, this time I’m leaving the tren because it is an advanced steroid I just want to stick with the T400 just wanted some advice about it that would be great. My diet is good i have 4 meals a day lots of protein with 3 litres of water a day.

I have started my course yesterday had 1 shot 1mill and the pain is minor hurt a little when I woke up, I’m doing 10weeks on this sticking to 2 mill a week (Monday-Thursday) when would the best time to take PCT.

What esters is the T400 (is it a blend or singular ester)

Yes this is a blend mate

Blend ooooffff??? (What esters at which concentrations)

That’s helpful, thanks. So 800/w seems a little heavy. There’s a point at which more test doesn’t give an equivalent amount of gains relative to the added sides. That point is different for everyone, so there’s no way to accurately identify it until it’s too late. Do you think you need 800 or could you get where you want to go with less?

As far as what to run with it that’s entirely dependent on your goals. If you get lean enough then mast is popular. If you’re looking for strength (and leaning out) winstrol May be your jam. Just depends on what you want and what level of risk you want to take for any particular outcome.