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What to Run With Equipoise?


what is typically ran with equipoise, Boldenone Undeclynate? i got to come up with a relatively mild cycle thats not going to be as obvious after 5-6 weeks.. the wife is kinda suspicious about all my oral supplements


Boldenone undecylenate is Equipoise, in case I read that wrong. And my suggestion would be to run it with Test E, although I would say if you fear your wife finding out, then it would make logical sense to stay off AAS.


Run 10 weeks of Halo and then run 2 weeks of Anadrol for pct. Once complete finish of with off with a week of Dbol. A complete and perfect cycle...

Or you could do five minutes of minor research and then post a complete cycle so the Vets (AKA Contrl, In the Zone, and Rainjack..etc..) can properly answer your question.

The Answer to your question is so simple hangiron..And please do not do what I stated in paragraph 1.

How did I forget the true vet Bushido. I apologize about the error, sir.


My perfect cycle has become Test C, trenE, and EQ.

Don't know what it is about those three in a stack, but it is magical.


I would also say test e. If your running eq your definitley gonna need to run it at least 12 weeks, not 5-6. Same with the test.


Care to elaborate? I've been thinking about the planning of my 2nd cycle already and that combination is almost exactly what I have come up with so far.


I'm not sure if I am reading this correctly but are you planning on running a 5-6 week cycle? If so forget the EQ, it needs to be ran at least 12 weeks. If you are planning on running a 5-6 week cycle use test prop, but you may actually have some muscle gain so be prepared to fight off the wife.
If you run a longer cycle and use the EQ, test will always stack well. Again you will get good gains off your first test cycle so you decide if its worth it. I agree with rainjack that Test/Tren/EQ is a good stack but I don't think that you are ready for tren at this point.


12-13 weeks

750 Test Cyp
300 Tren E
300 EQ

EQ makes me hungry as hell all the time. Tren repartitions - makes you leaner and bigger.

Most everytime I have used tren, it kills my appetite. So having a voracious appetite while on the tren has been a new experience for me.


I'm actually very anxious to try EQ and Tren together in a cycle. I'm already a sworn Tren fanatic.


Contrl, having just come off 20 weeks of 750 mg test e, 600 tren e and 600 eq weekly with 100 mg ea winnie and drol weeks 1-4 and 17-20 I can tell ya , you're gonna love it,defintely with ya as far as being a tren fanatic!

hangiron, If I understand what you are saying I gotta go with everyone here, shouldn't run eq for only 5-6 weeks gotta go at least 12 and throw in some test e, now if you had boldednone base and prop that could be good for an intermediate cycle, but....ouch!


for me.....sus 250 equ. proviron and a d-bol kick start..


I gotta try this one myself.
sounds like a winner.


For someone on their second cycle, would it be okay to replace the Tren with Deca? It sounds like Tren is better for more advanced users, while Deca is relatively mild. Does anyone here recommend Deca?


My second cylce was test e at 500mg and deca at 400mg with 50 mg proviron daily, decent lean gains and strength.


I love deca. But has a totally different action than Tren. If you want to blow up - deca is a traditional bulking component.

I was on test/deca a couple of years ago, and I exploded. I actually had to lose about 20 pounds after that cycle because I just couldn't carry the weight.

Throw some EQ in with it - and you should have the bulker of a lifetime.


Do you consider test/deca to be a better bulking combo than test/tren? Is tren more of the choice for strength?