What to Run w/ Letro for Minor Gyno

Could anyone advise on the best route to take for minor gyne reversal?

A few pebble sized lumps behind nipple causing some minor puffiness.

Going to run letro, but should I taper or hit hard at 2.5 mg? Also, what should I use for rebound? At first was considering Nolva, but should I consider Aromasin?

Just don’t want to make it worse, as it is manageable as is, but want to get rid of puffiness if it is possible.

We have no idea what drugs you are presently on or not on or what the cause of this gyno is in the first place or how long it’s been a problem. Much less who you are, your drug history, and any other relevant information.

People wonder why the steroid forum gets such a bad rap. Why can’t you low post count drive-by guys ever help us help you? You want us to do all the work and you just signed up today.