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What to put with it?

I loved The Power Look by Tribeudeau(sp) and am going to give it a try. Wanted some recommendations for what type of leg routine should go with this. I am guessing a squat type, since back day involves variations of deads. Can anybody comment? Thanks.

A squat dominant day. Any of Ian Kings quad dominant workouts in his Bring the Pain or Limping series would be appropriate.

Definetely a squat dominant routine. However as I mentionned in previous posts, it’s possible to take the exercises of the traps specialization program and put them on different training days. e.g.: Power clean from blocks and snatch deadlift on leg day, overhead shrugs and cuban press on shoulders day and the Javorek complex on back day. In which case the traps program can be included in pretty much any type of program.