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What to Put In Beef?

So one of the things I’m eating is beef. But I tend to get a little sick of the plain taste after the second bite, so I’ll end up putting ketchup on it. I’d rather not do that so much anymore, so I was wondering if anybody had some suggestions for spices/herbs I could sprinkle on/work into the meat so it will taste better without any condiments.


Cooking is your friend. (normal ketchup being full of sugar, is not). Here’s a simple recipe:

Philly Cheese Plate
1 Pound Hamburger (or thin sliced rib-eye from the meat counter)
2 Mushrooms
½ Onion
½ Green Pepper
1 Tomato
1 Small Can Sliced Olives
2 Tablespoons Mustard
2 Thick Slices Pepperjack Cheese

Brown the hamburger.  Chop mushrooms, onions, green pepper, and tomato.  Cut cheese into thin strips.  Mix all ingredients except mustard/cheese in a large pan, and cook on medium heat till the vegetables are starting to soften a bit.  Cover with cheese and cook till it melts.  BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERCOOK THE VEGETABLES you don't want them getting all limp and soggy. 

When done, put some on a plate and add some mustard. Should be just like a philly cheese steak sandwhich without the bread. You may want to drain the ingredients before putting them on your plate, they sometimes get a bit wet.

I like to brush on olive oil then sprinkle with Italian seasoning (basically basil, oregano, rosemary and parsley flakes) and some finely chopped garlic then sear it in a pan and cook until medium rare. That works with most cuts of beef.

I also use light soy sauce, fresh lime juice and sliced ginger as a marinade and serve it with green vegetables. Sometimes I’ll use marinara sauce instead of ketchup too. I’m looking forward to see what other suggestions people have too

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

As an aside, its ground beef, not cuts, so I can work spices and stuff into it before I cook it. Just not sure what would taste good.

I’ll start experimenting with some of the things you guys threw at me.

Thanks again.

mrs. dash


Tabasco Smoked Chipotle sauce.

That stuff will even make your shoes taste good.

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good stuff for ground beef (any/all combinations)

minced garlic
chopped onions
chopped jalapenos
hot sauce (whatever your favorite is)
chili powder
cajun seasoning

if you’re browning the meat in a pan, heat up some olive oil, then the garlic. Cook that for just a minute or two, then throw in the onions. Give that several minutes til the onions start to soften just a bit then throw in the meat and the spices. Once the meat is browned, toss in your egg and your sauces. This will make kind of a sloppy joe kinda thing if you cook it like this.

This is basically my burger recipe also. Jam all this stuff together before you make your patties and if you want something really awesome, bury some cheese in the middle of the patty before you cook it. The cheese oozes through once they’re cooked. So awesome.

Pretty much anything. Garlic, onions, worceshire sauce, black pepper and all purpose seasoning come to mind.

Google hamburger recipes and you’ll find a plethora of ideas. I don’t understand how people eat plain, ground beef at all.