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What to Prep Before First Cycle? What to Run?

I am 183cm(6feet) and weight 112kg(around 22-24%bodyfat). Training for 3years more like powerlifting style and mostly with barbell. I can squat 200kg for 5reps solid and dead 200kgx8 and bench 145kgx5.
I am looking what blood tests should I do before and what to go with first cycle(from my reseach test and deca would be best for longevity and strenght?) Also considering that after a while I will stop pct and stay on for life(want to have one more kid till then).
I want mostly be strong and healthy(means I dont need abs , just traps).

That’s not a very long time. How old are you?


Research more.

Sounds like you’re already moderately strong. If you want to stay healthy as a top priority don’t cycle.

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I’ll add to this:

You absolutely need to check liver and kidney function, as well as PSA and lipids.

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I would personally consider dropping some BF before starting, firstly it will hopefully help E2 management and secondly it means sides from high BP and other associated cardiovascular issues (lipids, rpr etc) will hopefully have less impact - this is key for health and longevity.

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So to break it down, I get the blood work before after, test and deca was meant for joints and strenght and to be energyful(I work in 8hour shifts etc.) I am 30y old btw and I read about fat tissue and estrogen… so what kind of bf is optimal? and what dosage for someone my size? And for longevity I mostly meant to be vital and strong as much and as long as possible not to live for 100years weak… , I know stan and winny can damage joints with combination of heavy lifting and low bf(my father did powerlifting in czechoslovakia)…
So I am looking to slowly get into this wolrd of AAS and looking for advice and do this as clever as possible

I recommended a male hormone panel. You would want this as a baseline as you never get a ‘natural’ snapshot of your hormones ever again. It would allow you to see if you are back to baseline once PCT is complete. @galgenstrick expanded this with other tests that can be an indicator or more overall health.

That’s subjective. I think one should at least be to an athletic level of BF before running a cycle. 15-18% BF for a true measurement minimally. Most people severely under estimate their true BF.

This is true. However your proposed Deca cycle has its own host of severe side effects.

You are more likely to get a response by laying out your own cycle after doing some research and seeking critiques. I personally don’t encourage or lay out cycles for others but will give feedback based on my own experience pros/cons from whats worked for me. I encourage you to read up on all of the ‘first cycle’ posts. There are a ton of them.

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