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What to Look for In a PLing Belt?

After having pulled a muscle in my lower back during SLDLs, I started using a belt for the first time in my training. I’m using a cheapo leather Weider one that the gym supplies, and want to look into using it for myself. I’m mainly using it for squats, and don’t know if one for deadlifts needs to be different. I’m been cruising elitefts, and have my sights set on this one


But don’t really know if there’s anything in particular I should be looking towards. Can someone educate me and give me a few suggestions?

Much love.

If you plan on competing, make sure you get a legal belt. The one from EFS will be fine. I don’t really know what the point of double prongs is, I use a single prong because it’s easier to latch and unlatch. If you’re going to wear your belt higher on your belly and loose to press out against, make sure you get one that will fit.

Yeah, that’s another question. Do I just order the size that I measure around my waist, or do I go higher than that so that I have some room to tighten down on the belt?

I got this belt from Inzer. I have no complaints.


They say the buckle should sit over your navel, so that’s where you should measure. Also, it’s always better if it’s a little big then if it’s too small.

Many of the power belts you see, even from the top names, come from the same factory in Pakistan. I got mine from here:

http://proflexsports.com/page/P/PROD/wb/116 and I am fully satisfied with it. It is at least equal to the similar ones from Inzer and EliteFTS, which I have also used. The description on the site isn’t exactly right, it is actually a 10mm belt, which is preferred by many including myself.

Mine also came with eight rows of stitching. You can’t beat the price either. I’m 5’10", 210 lbs, with a 34" waist and I fit right in the middle of a medium.

Wow, stellar deal, thanks dude.

I love my 10mm lever belt from Inzer. I started out with a 13mm double prong, and it was too stiff and difficult for me to use without someone to help me get in and out. The lever belt is fast and easy, and tighter than the prong belts.

Go bigger with the size if you get an Inzer. There is much more room on the tighter side. I pretty sure I went with whatever size fits 32-34. The belt could probable fit 28-30, but there is not a lot of room if you want to wear the belt loose(for whatever reason). A size up would put you right in the middle of the holes. At least this was my experence.

I’m approx 37-38 inches around where my belt goes. I think I’ve a medium and I’ve a couple of holes still to spare. My 75kg training partner wears the same size (I’m around 100-103kg)